Book 2/52 The Brethren by John Grisham Review

Okay. So I just finished another book. It’s called The Brethren. I became a fan of John Grisham after accidentally reading his novel, The Firm. Kinda got tired of reading romance novels. 😂 
The book is about three convicted judges, who is running a gay reverse-scam from inside the prison. They were able to hook a very high profile politician with a lot to lose. And the build up to the climax starts there. 

This book was not as eventful as The Firm but the climax was enough to not make this read a waste. Don’t get me wrong. The plot was okay but it was just a bit boring in the beginning. The plot twists were enough to make me turn the page until I finish. 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find another Grisham novel that would make me flip with suspense. 

It left me with some questions though. *WARNING! spoilers ahead*

  1. I’m not sure who killed Trevor. 
  2. Why would Argrow show himself in Europe when he was supposed to be undercover? Wouldn’t that stop him from being able to take that role again?
  3. Did Buster really just walked away? Wouldn’t there be at least someone who would’ve seen his Olive uniform while he was walking? 
  4. Is Jayne a pawn of Teddy/CIA agent or was she really a just an avid follower?   

Blog 6/52 Getting Stuck in Traffic

Traffic in the Philippines is one of the hellish things you can experience. It doesn’t happen every time but when you encounter traffic from hell, four kilometers (2.5 miles) can take you hours. Is that just great? Pedestrians could beat you to your destination.

Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is to me. I don’t like being stuck in traffic, unless I have someone to talk to, or distract myself with. I feel claustrophobic. Since this is a humid country, getting stuck in traffic only means I have to keep my feet where they are for hours I can’t even stretch, feeling my sweat pool somewhere unreachable and knowing I’m all sticky. (This may be solved by getting a cab or my own car, but not everyone has money to spend, ya know?)

The traffic is actually one of the reasons I am working from home and why I rarely go out. I don’t go out unless I really need to. And it’s also because I fall asleep. Imagine me napping, with my mouth open and snoring in public transit. Yup. That’s me. And so I try to lessen my chances of doing that in public.

Have I mentioned that it’s very humid right now? The summer season has come and get very sweaty. Beads of sweat dripping from my face and my armpits. Not a pretty sight.

Not sure how to help solve the problem though. Reduce private cars? Create more roads? Oohh, I know. Let’s all become online workers! Jk.

What do you do when stuck in traffic?

Here’s some ideas on how to be productive when stuck in traffic.

  1. Do your assignments/homework. Unless, of course, you need several books and a calculator, then don’t. This only applies to those assignments that requires a pencil and notebook/pad. I did this when I was a student. I did my homework, while on the train home.
  2. Read a physical book. I’m making it clear that you should not do this with a phone or tablet. This is especially appropriate when you’re taking a public vehicle. It doesn’t only endanger you but those around you. It’s like you’re trying to attract snatchers and other bad elements. So I repeat, read a physical book. Like your notes, or a paperback. I used to see students reviewing their notes while on a jeep.
  3. Observe. Okay, this doesn’t mean you have to be nosy. Don’t read someone else’s phone. That’s inappropriate. I meant observing people so you’re alert and very much aware of what’s happening around you. Notice people faces, the people beside you. It’s also a way of keeping yourself safe as you’ll be ready if anything happens.

How about you? What do you think of getting stuck in traffic?


Book 1/52 Scrappy Little Nobody Review

First book I finished for 2017. Even though I know I am gonna fail the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge, I’m still gonna try. 😂

So this book is a memoir of Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick. I loved reading it as it showed me a personal side of her I hadn’t known existed. I even thought that that attitude was scripted. 😞 Don’t worry Anna, I understand where you’re coming from.

I loved how the book made me realize that celebrities are more like me than they seem. You know, that they’re people, too. Finding out the Anna Kendrick lives in an apartment just like mine was humbling. I mean, I hope she receives more blessings, I just appreciate the fact that we are more alike than I ever imagined. I also look like a kid so I can really relate to her. I had just graduated college when I accompanied my cousin to her HS enrollment. The school staff thought I was the one enrolling and asked what grade I was in. 😧

I also liked how real Anna is, not even thinking of what other people would say. I loved some of her thoughts.

This statement hits home. Boyfie and I have had arguments stemming from this.

Love makes us do weird things.

I don’t wanna believe this, to be honest.

I’m an only child. So believing this would mean my feelings are all selfish and that I should stop feeling them. I mean, I know that I am NOT the center of the universe. I am just asking for a bit of attention. Does that really make me selfish? Hmmm. 🤔😔

Feels on point.

I have been feeling this for months. I can’t even play Sims and enjoy it as I have this nagging feeling that I should be busy doing something else. Something practical and money-earning.

Oh well.

You know, reading this book just made me realize how passionate I am with theater, acting, singing and literature.

Read Anna’s book if you want to know some truths about Hollywood and celebrity life. I’m off to read a new book, probably one from John Grisham.

Thanks for reading this. See ya. 😘


Free Writing Course! ( by Daniel David Wallace)

Reblogging for those who are as confused as I am on how to write a decent story. Let’s do this! ♥

Wow. Since I opened my short-story course twenty-four hours ago, sixty people have signed up. The post has been shared on FB and Reddit (thank you, Daniel C). Wow! That feels really good. (The first “real” email will go out on Tuesday, so if you sign up today or tomorrow before midnight, you’ll begin […]

via Update! (A Free Writing Course) — The Incompetent Writer

Challenge Fails

Just a quarter of the year and I have already failed on almost all the challenges I took.

I haven’t finished any book yet (for the 52-books in 52 weeks challenge).

I haven’t blogged weekly (in accordance to the 2017 weekly blogging challenge).

I haven’t added anything substantial to my WIP (work-in-progress).

I basically failed on every single aspect of my writing goals. I’ve been journaling but it’s just not the same.

Oh, well. They say acknowledging the mistake is the first step.

All I can do is get back up and move forward. 

“People say that when you really love a person, you cry with them.”

People say that when you really love a person, you cry with them.

At first, I didn’t really believe that. I thought, that’s crap. Why would I cry when I can just comfort/console them?

But I recently experienced such situation, and I tell you. I really did cry.

The person I love is in pain, and I can’t do anything to stop it.

It breaks my heart to see his tears. It pains me to watch him cry in agony.

Now I understand what they meant.

All I can do is pray for the pain to go away.

Kiss the tears away and hold him till he falls asleep. ©




The Monster Under the Bed

Case: #273402
Status: Disastrous.

I stare at the file and realize I have no options, over the last 2 years every monster assigned to Charlotte Dower has quit, every last one. Her first monster; a giant goldfish-faced humanoid named Bubba, had been with her for four years, and then she wasn’t scared of him anymore. After that it was a string of different common, uncommon, and rare monsters… I even assigned a sentient sock monster to her. He came back crying!
I look on my tablet, only one assignable monster left; myself. Field work has never been my cup of tea, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So at 8:03 pm, after Mrs. Gideon tucks in Charlotte and her little brother Daniel; I slither into the space beneath Charlotte’s bed.
Across the room underneath Daniel’s crib is a rookie, Chico, a standard Creep kind of monster.
I turn my attention to the bed above me, Charlotte is still awake but barely, I reach up over the bed and run an ice cold finger over her cheek, silence, so I do it again.
“I’m not afraid of you monster!” She whispers, but her voice is shaking. I can see a small clock on the wall 8:14, a door somewhere in the house slams and there is an audible hitch of breath from above me. A few minutes go by I can hear Francis Gideon yelling at his wife. There are heavy footsteps on the stairs, and loud panting breaths, Charlotte scrambles off the bed and…
She. CRAWLS. Under. The. Bed. With. Me.
“Move. Over!” Charlotte hisses at me. I do.
The door to the bedroom slams open and I smell the stench of human intoxicants before the man even steps inside.
I know why Charlotte isn’t afraid of any of my monsters; she’s afraid of her own.
Francis reaches a hand under the bed and I thrust my wrist into it, he starts to pull, I slither out.
“What the…” I cut Francis’s next words off by unfolding to my full 12 foot height. Looming over the drunken man I caress my cold fingers down his face.
“If you ever touch, scare, or harm my child again, I will find you, and I will do the same to you, for all eternity.” I promise to him.
As Francis runs from the room he soils himself.
I pull Charlotte from under the bed, tuck her back under her covers and kiss her forehead goodnight. “I’ll be back tomorrow night, sleep well darling.”
Charlotte Dower is my child, I am the monster under her bed.

Credit: kittenwiskers


Blog 5/52 confessions of a freelancer

picture of the word doubt

Okay. So I just reconnected with an old friend. It was her birthday yesterday and after I greeted her, we talked for a while. (Also, note that I’m very happy I have her back in my friends list. 😊 Okay, long story.)

When she asked why I am working from home, I started to freak the f*ck out and threw lame excuses. I know I shouldn’t do that, but yet I did. It made me question everything again. (that’s proof of a healthy friendship though 😆 IMO)

So I talked to boyfie and asked for his help in dealing with all these feelings and doubts.

Only then did I realize that I love where I’m at right now. And that there’s nothing wrong with working from home.

And boyfie was right, too.

If I can’t accept that I really do have a job, then no one will acknowledge that I actually have a job.

You see, I’m a freelance writer/editor. People don’t see that as common so they probably think I’m a bum.

Whenever family/relatives and friends ask about my work, it makes me feel small. Like what I do isn’t legit.  I work from home, whenever I want. (Okay, maybe not. But I can definitely do it on my own time.) I get to watch YouTube videos, eat while I work, or pause and sleep when I feel like it. And the thing is, I think people has convinced me that I am doing nothing with my life. It makes me feel that I am a bum.

Whenever relatives ask why I won’t go back to teaching, I keep telling them that I don’t feel happy as a school teacher. They don’t understand. They think I’m wasting my degree and my license.

Maybe I am.

I love literature and grammar but I just am not that passionate with teaching right now. I can’t deal with kids all running about wanting to do everything else but sit on those desks. (I know there’s principles and strategies to work around that but I just can’t deal ok?)

So after having a great talk with boyfie, I realized that I am happy this way. Where I am not stressed with shitty co-workers or traffic or heat.

I also realized that just because I feel anxious or lonely, doesn’t mean something is wrong and that I have to change. I may experience some problems but that doesn’t mean I’m doomed. 

I guess I just needed to write about this so I can go back to it when I go back to doubting my job lol

My goal is to be able to work from home so that I can be with family. And I am on that path right now. So I’m good.

If you can relate to this, just remember that as long as what you’re doing leads to your goal, then you’re doing great. Repeat these words to yourself (Read: Mantra).