Reasons Why I Don’t Drive

This is just a list of my excuses for not learning to drive a car. I probably never will learn to. I can just stick to commuting or have my boyfriend drive me. Ha.

Excuse #1: I don’t have my own car.

It’s hard to drive something you don’t have. What a beautiful quote. LOL. Why not buy a car? I am too broke to have a car. Plus maintaining it is a big responsibility.

Excuse #2: I get scared easily.

Still want me to drive?

Excuse #3: I love daydreaming and sleeping while travelling.

I have always enjoyed daydreaming or looking at the scenery while travelling. Something I can’t do if I am driving. I prefer to enjoy the view. No, thanks. Also, I like to double task travel and sleep. What’s wrong with that?

Excuse #4: My attention span is very very short. (Oh a butterfly!)

Imagine this: I am driving along when I suddenly passed a boutique and spotted a very cute dress. Where do you think I’ll be looking at if I found the dress I want to spend my night with?

Excuse #5: I am baby-faced.

I don’t want cops to always ask for an ID to prove my age. No. I didn’t miss the school bus.

Bottom line

Do you drive? Why or why not? Comment below your excuses reasons or blog about it then share the link so I can check it out. Toodles! ♥


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