What does getting old mean to you?

If you remember, I encountered this online tool that generates random subjects I could write on, this time it gave me the question, “What does getting old mean to you?” This is actually an interesting topic for me since I have though about it for some time.

1. At first, getting old meant responsibility.

Being legally adult gave me a new perspective in life. It made me realize that I have to make decisions for myself and that I can’t depend everything on my mom anymore.

2. It meant that I have to make choices and stand by them.

I had to take responsibility for my actions and I was held accountable for myself. I had to make sure I am taking care of myself.

3. Paying bills and making sure I am fed and will survive on my own.

At times, I still hope I’m back at school. My biggest problems being my crush not noticing me. Of course, that would meaning not having my own money and just having to ask my mom for allowances so yeah. Maybe not. Getting old meant I have a job that I need to put up with I need to accomplish everyday and I have to pay for the things I use and consume.

4. On the other hand, getting old also meant freedom to me.

I get to decide what I eat (although that meant my diet consists of takeouts, fast foods and junk food),


what time I sleep (I always sleep waaaaaaay past my bedtime)

and when I want to clean up my room (which might be never).

5. It meant I have to deal with my own bull because the world can’t help me with it.

But, there are also times when I just breakdown. Sometimes, being an adult and getting old is too overwhelming and I wanna pause life and just chill for a bit, you know?

Although, at the end of the day week day, I pick myself up and face the challenges ahead. I woman-up and move forward.

Bottom line: Being cute and petite, getting old is actually just numbers to me. Getting old is just adding 1 year to my age every year. My face still looks like I’m a teenager. I don’t feel older, there’s nothing different from before except that I live independently now. So, yeah. Getting old is just numbers.

How about you? What does getting old mean to you? Comment below or link your blog post so I can check it out. Toodles! ♥


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