5 Reasons Why You Need Prefabricated Homes in your Life

Hey guys, I missed the deadline on this one so I decided to just post it here. It’s about prefabricated homes and their benefits. Hope you guys like it. Please like and share!

Prefabricated homes, also called modular homes, are popular in this day and age. They are widely accepted as options in the real estate market. People will be able to get the perks of a custom-built home with better efficiency when it comes to construction, eco-friendliness and management.

Here are some benefits in choosing this kind of homes.

1. Reduced Time and Cost

It saves on time and material. Being manufactured off-site gives the builders more time to plan and to produce the materials in bulk. That would also mean that majority of the production is done in the factory. This lets the workers focus more on building than production later on. Soon-to-be home owners get their houses built on a shorter period of time compared to traditional building. The process gets cut down from months to weeks. The effects of weather unpredictability, labor shortage or design restriction are rarely detected. Cost overruns are also minimal since their design plans are pre-approved. Therefore, no changes are made after the start of the construction nor will there be any change on the agreed cost.


2. Optional Customization Availability

Prefabricated homes gives owners freedom to customize their space. Even though builder provide a preset plan, the buyers can have them modified to meet their requirements as long as it follows their local building code. Its features can include optional use of parquet floors and marble tiles for the kitchen countertop, or an installation of a hidden room and ranges from adding a window and moving a door to adding a rooftop deck for an additional charge however.  Owners may also ask to add a pre-finished exterior package to have their homes

3. Guaranteed Quality

Since these homes are already pre-assessed by third-party inspectors prior to construction, it has been through a more meticulous process of inspection than regular homes so consumers are guaranteed of its premium quality. Quality control is assured because errors of on-site production are reduced with the use of computer-generated diagrams. Compliance of the building code and design consistency are also guaranteed by producing the materials under dry factory conditions. It is also recommended to take note that these homes appraise like traditional residential homes and do not depreciate.

4.  Promotion of Environmental-friendly Living

Since the material are factory-made, construction uses less material. Moreover, excess materials are used on the next projects. House owners can also reuse the materials in such cases that the houses are disassembled and they want to rebuild their homes or store for future use. They may also opt to install solar panels to make the home even more eco-friendly.

5.  Proven Durability

Depending on how many years of experience your chosen factory has, prefabricated homes can hold up better in severe weather situations and are heavy duty compared to traditional stick-up buildings. Conventional residential framing are nothing compared to the advanced panels and modules used in these homes.

Bonus: Modular pieces are least likely to be taken away from the job site since the panels are exclusively built for your home. Thieves won’t be able to make use of them.

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