Finding Pierre: A Modern Love Story

This is an original short. Read on! I hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe! ♥

My roommate, Nicole, turned on the TV with the volume a little too loud. I’m quite sure I mentioned that I am studying for my Japanese Literature test. How inconsiderate. As I stood up to chide her about living with roommates, I heard a very sexy husky voice being interviewed. I was intrigued and ran to our TV room-slash-dining room.

A very attractive guy is being interviewed live on XYZ TV. I suddenly felt this weird thing. It’s like my heart is jumping on a trampoline and an area down below is sweating. Man, that guy is hot. 

“Desiree,” Nicole called out, “Are you okay? You look like you just saw a naked guy for the first time.”

Her voice got my attention and I turned towards her direction. “What?”

“You’re spacing out. Is something wrong?” she asked while turning down the TV volume. I suddenly remembered my initial purpose for charging at the room.

I felt quite embarrassed, what if she saw me lusting at that celebrity? We’ve just been roommates for a couple of months and I’m already showing her how weird I am. “I just wanted to ask you to turn down the TV volume, I was studying for a test.”

Her eyes widened, hinting she remembered my heads-up. “OMG. Sorry. I totally forgot. My ears are just getting a bit deaf for some reason. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just try to check on me first next time.” She gave me a sheepish smile. I turned to go then I suddenly remembered to ask her, “Also, do you know what that celebrity’s name is?”

“Who? The guy being interviewed?”

“Yep. Is he an actor or something?” I casually asked.

“Oh. That’s Pierre Simmons, and no, he’s not an actor. He’s a reality TV star. Why’d you ask?” Nicole queried, probably noticing the weird attention I’m suddenly giving this celebrity when I don’t really watch TV.

It took me about half a minute to make up an excuse. “He… I… You know…” Stop stuttering. Sh*t. “I just wondered. He’s cute.”

Fortunately, Nicole seemed not to notice my awkwardness and responded casually, “Yeah. A total hunk. Too bad though, girls like us will never get a chance to date him.”

“AND WHY NOT?” Oops. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. 

Nicole laughed, “You seem really interested at this guy. Well, we can’t date him because he’s famous. He doesn’t even know we exist, girl.”

Kill me. Now. I hope the ground swallows me whole. Right. Now. This is so embarrassing. Good thing Nicole is so cool about it. “I know. It’s just… I just don’t agree. I think girls like us can still date guys like him.”

She laughed again. I guess Nicole’s quite cool. College is definitely different from high school. If this happened in high school, I would have been bullied about it for the whole year. “Maybe you’re right, Desiree. Although it’s a very slim chance.” Before I can respond, she changed the topic. “So how’s your classes going? Any cute guy so far?”

I’m actually quite glad she changed the subject. I still don’t trust her enough to tell her about the plan elaborating in my head. I will find a way to meet this Pierre Simmons in person. 

To be continued. 

Author's note: This is an idea prompted by Creative Writing Now 
and I am liking it. 
I wonder if I should make a novella out of it. 
What do you think? Comment below what you think. 
Thank you! ♥ Toodles!

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