How to Find Happiness

Have you ever felt like you are never good enough?  I feel that almost every single day. 😦

Whenever I browse through my feed, I keep on seeing a cover girl for a magazine, a celebrity showing off her #OOTD or her #Shoefie. And I can’t help but compare my life to theirs.

Sometimes I think social media isn’t really for easy communication but a valid medium to show off. I, too, try to post only good things. However, my boring life will never compare to Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s. Like ever. And I know that. I accept that. (Yeah. Okay. Maybe I haven’t accepted it.) It’s just that, I really get so sad that it won’t.

Like, “Why can’t I have a life like that? Buy all the things I want? Be pretty almost all the time?”

I guess this is the reason we can’t be happy. We keep on comparing ourselves to others. And we have got to stop. I know it might be hard, but acknowledging that the problem exists is a good start.

You are the perfect you. Why try to blend in when you are destined to shine?

(credits to the original  poster)

How about you? How are dealing/did you deal with the obsessive self-comparison? Please comment it below. It’ll be a great help to me and to others. Happiness starts within ourselves. ♥


4 thoughts on “How to Find Happiness

  1. Hi Cari!
    Firstly, you should know that you’re not alone. I often feel the same way and have come to realise that comparing ourselves to others on Social Media, is almost inescapable. So, how do I deal with it? I unfollow the fashion and fitness models and the travel bloggers and the celebrities! If I’m not seeing they seemingly perfect posts then I won’t be comparing! That, has been a big help for me, especially on instagram. Instead, I follow creative people, poets and illustrators whose work has meaning and is original. It has really made a huge difference for me.


      1. For those ones then as your post says, just remind yourself that comparing is not good, that people only post the good times not the midnight fights or the pimples etc and just try your daily best, its all you can do xx

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