Diary Entry #1: What makes your *best friend* your best friend?

Author’s note: Wow. Thanks for the pitch Journey app. *eye rolls*

First of all, I don’t have a best friend anymore. I lost her around 9 months ago. We had a fallout. She didn’t understand my life choices anymore. She said she doesn’t support my choices and she didn’t want to be around when those choices backfire.

I was hurt so I pushed her away. I may have some fault in this. I’m sorry but knowing that the person who I thought would have my back turned out to be the one person who actually is judging me… it hurts man.

Even if my choices were wrong, she didn’t have to judge me. She was my BFF. How could she say those things? If I were her, I’d be scolding me too but I won’t say those awful words. I won’t leave her or even think about breaking up. I just don’t understand why she did that. It’s actually funny that she had a new BFF on her workplace (let’s call her BFF#2) who made the same mistake as I did but she didn’t judge BFF#2. They’re still BFFs. We were BFFs for almost 6 years. However, that did not matter apparently. She wanted us to always meet up like she and BFF#2 does and I can’t commit because I had moved residence and was a bit far from her and the bitch BFF#2 is her coworker. Of course, they’ll have plenty of time together. Is it really my fault? I tried to FB chat and text her all the time but of course, that isn’t enough. She need my shoulder to be physically there so she can cry on them. It just isn’t fair.

I know I should move on from this shit but boy is it hard. *sigh*

So to answer the stupid question, a “best-friend” is a best friend because s/he is the best amongst all of your friends. The one who is there even when no one else is. S/he’ll stay your BFF even if you weren’t able to talk for years. Friendship isn’t measured on how much time you spent together but how you stay strong even if life separates you. The one who won’t let life get in the way of loving and supporting each other.

Have you ever lost a friend? Any tips on how to move on?



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