A lot of people struggle with their finances. Dealing with money causes them stress. The thought of wasting money or not being able to afford things hinders them from doing things they really want to do.

Change can only happen if you allow it to happen. You have to improve your attitude towards money to be successful.


You must stop staying up all night thinking about your finances. Worrying won’t do much, but stress you out and waste your time. It won’t solve the problem, it can only keep you from enjoying your life. Worrying about money would only make your life miserable and would only hurt your body because of all the stress.

Here are ways to keep the anxiety at bay.

  • Have a mantra that you can repeat to yourself when feeling down or when the anxiety starts to creep in. You can also have motivational quotes or bible verses about money management.
  • Depending on your religious preferences, you can either pray or meditate. Let God or the universe calm your soul and find peace. Let them do their work and just try to clear your mind.
  • Count your blessings. Literally count them. Whenever you feel unstable about your financial status, just count the blessings you had that day. This practice will teach you how to be positive at all times.
  • Be in the moment. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Even the bible mentions that people should let tomorrow worry about itself. Rather than thinking, “what if I lose my job?” or “what if my savings run out?”, focus your thoughts to things happening in the “now”. Whenever you buy something, weigh the factors on why you need to purchase the item at the exact moment.
  • Make the “unknown” known. Have a plan. Create a budget. Although living at the moment lets you enjoy life and appreciate the little things, you must still have a plan or a rough idea on how you want to manage your money. When you have a plan, you will feel like you have your life figured out. Others will also perceive that too, resulting to better relationships. When you have a budget, you are basically reminding yourself that your money is accounted for.
  • Make peace with fate. Let go and let God. Just let go of the worry and admit that you cannot predict what the future brings. Know that the worst case scenario, playing on loop in your mind, is really least likely to happen.
  • Limit the time allotted to managing and thinking about your finances. When you give yourself a time limit, you won’t let yourself get stuck on a thought or even let your mind drift off. You know you’ll have to figure something out by a certain point in time.
  • Know the difference between wants and needs. Start mapping out the luxuries you don’t really utilize. Simplify your finances and cut down unnecessary expenses.
  • Stop accumulating debts. Stop buying things you can’t afford. This is basic finance. Using credit cards means using money you don’t have. Only buy items with credit cards when you have the cash to pay it. Be aware that you only want to get the rewards for using the card.



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