4 Reasons Why You Need To Invest on Experience

When you invest, you expect a return. If you invest on experience, you get a return in terms of memories. Happiness cannot be bought, only experienced. So unless you stop investing in goods and start experiencing life, you will never find true happiness.

Reasons Why You Should Invest on Experience

First of all, investing in yourself is a crucial part of self-love. You have to understand that you are more important than the amount of money you have in the bank.

You are what you experience. It was not what food you ate that defines you but what you felt when you ate it. The moments in your life only mean what they mean because of the emotions it made you feel and the people you were with at that moment.

Going to Paris is exciting, not because of the place itself but because you are excited to feel what tourists feel when you get there. You are excited to experience traveling to another country. Experience lets you know what makes you happy and that is what’s important.

You are what you remember. The experience, the moments – they all are important not because of the amount of money spent. They are only important to you because of the moments you remember. When you reminisce, you don’t giggle because you remember how much that party cost you. You giggle because you remember all the silliness and fun that took place in that party.

Do you know why some people don’t throw old pictures? or why some collect candid shots? It is because those photos hold a lot of memories they want to remember and to revisit.

You are not the things you own. Not everyone who has a lot of money is happy. Why? Because even if you have all the money in the world, if you don’t have someone –anyone– to share it with, there is no happiness.

People are social creatures. They thrive attention and affection, things you can’t get from material things. Even if you own a luxury car, if no one is there to go on a joy ride with you, it isn’t the same. When your morning mug breaks, or any material thing for that matter, you may feel upset and regret the amount of money you spent on it. However, the deepest impact would be from the fact that you are losing that object that “someone” gave you or that object that reminds you of all the good mornings you spent with “someone”.

Those experiences are more important than the material things themselves. Accept that no matter how cheap or expensive a thing is, the experience you got from that certain mug is what will stay with you.

You are not your bank account balance. Another reason why you should invest on experience is for you to realize that you can still enjoy life even if you don’t have a ton of money. Sometimes, the people with that least amount of money are the happiest. Why? It is because they have shifted their focus from thinking of the next sale or from that new set of shoes that was released last week. They have focused on being content with what they have and on spending their time on people instead.

So what do you need to do to invest on experience? Start asking yourself when you die, what will be your answers to this questions:


  • Can I really say that I have lived?
  • Have I done everything I want to?
  • Do I have any regrets?


Reflect on the said questions and live life according to your responses.



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