Cari Adventures: Woman with Vision Event

7:25 am, Friday, 2/19/16

In line of following my dreams and living life to the fullest, I am trying to go out more and learn more. So, attending the community event of Belle de Jour Power Planner is part of that plan. On Saturday, February 20, 2016, I’ll be going to Cubao, Gateway and attend this event alone. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a friend or two. 😉


Plus, their theme totally meets my need right now! I’m a woman with a vision and their topics will surely pull me out of my rut.

I’ll be updating this post as the day progresses. See you!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


So I am supposed to meet Joyce of *insert blog here* but she haven’t replied yet. I hate that I am such an socially awkward person.


The BDJ@10 veterans night pics and vids just flashed. I feel out of place again. I am not really active with these kind of things and I do not intend to be. I feel bad though. I feel like I could be much more i only I choose to. However, I do not want to. I am happy being like this. Not blogging to much about the event itself because I know a lot of other “bellas” would be doing the same thing. I feel like it is spamming the blog sites. I want to be unique about this. (And also, the main camera of my phone is busted so selfies only hehe)

So they gave us this cards that says “I COMMIT TO COMMIT” and told us we need to write something soon because they’ll collect it afterwards.
I wrote:
– to blogging and keep updating it
– believing in myself and pursuing to better myself
– to take life step by step
– to being a faithful partner


After a game, now’s a raffle. I didn’t get one.

1:50 PM

Omehra Sigahne just finished her talk. However, instead of being inspired, I feel bad. It’s not that she isn’t good or anything, I just feel intimidated.
When asked what to do with negative people, she recommended cutting them off, make excuses to change the subject, and just blessing them. I wasn’t able to ask about being the negative person. What if I was the pessimistic one?

2:04 PM

Patricia “Rica” Yulo just proved my greatest fear about traveling solo. She was chased by Srilankan guys. I can never go out because of that kind of thing. I am not really a fan of traveling. I’m good. I can travel with someone why the need to be alone?
I respect “Rica” for overcoming her illness. She became fearless and stepped outside of her comfort zone.
However, we don’t really need to do exactly what she did. I still believe in making my own dreams and my own story.
I appreciate that she mentioned that people don’t need to be pressured by the travel bloggers.

Note: She made a hash about the Pacman vs. LGBTQ. *facepalm*

Random Question: Why are all/most inspirational book authors ask us to “cut down on unnecessary expenses/unneeded wants”? But you know what I think? We have different priorities. We don’t have to cut down on exactly the same things.

Trivia: Rica Yulo wore a gun vest to Singapore so she didn’t need to bring a bag.


Lia Laroya is sharing about “the challenge that saves”.
“When money becomes your master, it would be harder to use it. But if you become the master of money, it is a great servant.”

iDentify: own millionaire meaning

Have a millionaire mindset. What things make you a millionaire? What things would make you a millionaire?

iNcrease: your income

Lia mentioned 4 ways to increase your income.
1. Promotion – if you’re employed, this is an approach to getting more income. Work your ass off and get promoted. However, even though this means more money, this may also mean more responsibilities.

2. Part-time active – Get an online job. Be a virtual assistant, write niche articles, design websites. This is noted as active since you only get paid if you get a project.

3. Part-time passive – This is noted as passive as you only need to invest your effort and time in the first part. With blogging, you get more income through sponsorship and probably through ads on your site. You can also start writing a book and get more income through royalty fees.

4. Proprietorship – This means you can get more income by selling products and service online or otherwise. Basically, running your own business.

iTemize: plan your #BOTD

1. Have a #Budget of the Day. Having a budget would help you stop spending on unnecessary items.

2. Know your net worth. – Your net worth is equal to your assets minus your expenses. So even though your salary is PHP20,000 if your expenses plus credit card bills amounts to more than your income, you’ll still get a negative net worth.

Trick to staying within your budget: Get your hourly rate.

(My battery is almost dead. Maybe live blogging is a bad idea. Haha!) This meant that when you are tempted to buy an expensive item and you are not sure if you should, get your hourly rate and compute how many hours of your life does the item costs.


Monthly Salary = PHP20,000
Monthly Work Hours = 160
Item Price = PHP1,500

Divide monthly salary by the monthly work hours to get your hourly rate.
PHP20, 000/160hours = PHP125 per hour

Now, divide the item price with your hourly rate.
PHP1,500/PHP125 = 12 work hours

The item you want to purchase costs 12 hours of your work life. Now you can decide if the item is worth it.

iNsure: Have an emergency fund.

This fund should amount to 5-6 months of expenses.

iNvest: Income less Savings equals Expenses.

To make sure you have money to invest/save, less your planned amount first. The remaining money would be the amount to allot for expenses.

NOTE:For the last speaker, I’ll try to make a separate blog about her talk and what I thought of it.


Thanks Joyce for taking the picture. 🙂




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