On grabbing opportunities.

When opportunity presents itself, you must grab that b*tch it immediately.

Yesterday, as I have told you, I had the urge to finally add some chapters to my stagnant novel. However, since I had to proofread a set of scripts, I wasn’t able to.

And today, as I tried to bring it back, it won’t. The opportunity has passed. 😦

Here’s the thing with opportunities.

When I was younger, I had these books where there are comics that teach moral lessons. I remember the one with the guy named “Opportunity.” He has very long hair in the front but is bald in the back of his head. The lesson was, if he passes you, you must grab him by his long hair because if you miss your chance, you’ll never be able to catch him as he doesn’t have hair in the back of his head for you to use to grab him.

I regret not having grabbed the opportunity. I had been waiting for it for years. I lost it all because of hesitance. I wasn’t sure if I could finish the proofreading on time so I did it first. If I had tried to write first before doing whatever else I did, I may have added some significant amount to my future book. Is this too drama for a missed urge?

If opportunity ever passes in front of you, grab his hair and drag him to where you need him to be. Don’t hesitate especially if you had been waiting for it since who knows how long. Take that opportunity and make the most out of it! 



4 thoughts on “On grabbing opportunities.

  1. Agreed. Opportunity is fickle so if you miss it, it’s gone forever, but like Richard Branson says, there’s always another opportunity around the corner

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