About depression.

Have you ever felt like you wanna pause everything and just breathe? Like you wanna pause time so you can finally relax from your job and just sleep in? I do.

However, it’s a feeling that I can’t shake. No matter how many rest days I take. I still feel tired of living and pretending to be okay.

I feel like the 24 hours isn’t enough for me to finish everything I need to. I feel tired physically and emotionally. I feel like everyone hates me or at least, dislikes me. I know it doesn’t matter as I will never please everyone, but the hollow pit is there. A dark void consuming all joy and happiness and hope.

I just wanna cry all day. People cry for release and relief, yet whenever I do it, I just feel more tired and more burdened.

I am not sure if this is depression, but I feel something is wrong. I am working on solving this personal problem. If you feel this too, ask for help. Not everyone will help you, some will dismiss your cry for help; some will advise you without any background knowledge about your issues; but keep on trying. I know there is hope. I haven’t found it, but I can feel it’s there, in a corner somewhere, waiting for me to pick it up.

Depression or not, you deserve to find happiness or at least create happiness.

Depression or not, you deserve to find happiness. Continue crying for help. Eventually, someone will reach out and help you.

With you,


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