How to Vote Wisely

Election is around the corner but I still don’t know who to vote for. It has come to a point where every candidate feels like the wrong person to vote for.



AND I find it hard to find the lesser evil. (Yet, I just told my mom to choose the lesser evil, I’m such a hypocrite! XD )

How did we get into this deep sh*t? Why did we let ourselves go this far? Not that I am pointing fingers (coz I don’t really have an inkling on what really transpired behind the written history ūüėČ ) but the older generation really had something to do with this, and their parents, and their parents’ parents.


So, the only way to stop this nonsense is through us: The New Generation. We have the power to change lives and to write history.


What do I mean?

Remember JFK’s famous quote?
my-fellow-americans-ask-not-what-your-country-can-do-for-you-doctors-quoteWe should start¬†caring for our country and not just ourselves. Yes, your town will be abundant if this guy wins, but what about the next town?¬†Will your guy also take care of the next town even if it’s the town of his rival?

Will your guy consider implementing some of the great platforms of his rivals or will he stick to his own?

Will he still take care of the previous administration’s projects to help the country or will he abolish it just so the masses can forget the previous official?

Is your candidate thinking of the country’s future or is he thinking of keeping a clean name and reputation?

Is he thinking of what he can do for the country or what the country can do for him?

I think we should stop our bad habits now, so we don’t need to vote for an iron fist leader. We should start obeying the law so we don’t need to vote for people who’ll force us to obey the law.

We should¬†stop voting for candidates¬†who buy votes¬†and¬†distributes money in envelopes¬†so that they won’t have a chance to rob the masses. Corrupt officials¬†are in the government because we voted for them.¬†We voted for them because they promised to give us something cool, like a meet-and-greet of our favorite celebrities.¬†We know it’s wrong yet we do it still. Or do we? Moreover, we have the guts to call out corrupt candidates when we, ourselves,¬†are corrupt and cheaters.


We should start taking responsibility of our country and our future. It’s our turn to take charge.

How to vote wisely? Think of your country. Vote with your country and its future in mind. 

Keeping you in mind,


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