The Bubble Saga

I wanna try doing this prompt. Let’s give it a shot, okay?


I have always wanted to tell you how annoyed I was with you. How irritating the way you put your arms on the top my head as if I am an armrest. But I didn’t. I didn’t want a simple thing to ruin what we have. What we had. I made sure nothing could pop our bubble. But like all bubbles, sooner or later, it’ll pop on its own.

Our story was never a love story. Ours was a saga. An epic filled with adventures. However, we took separate paths when we reached the end. You chose an new exciting adventure than keep having a humdrum hike with me.

You know what? It might not even be a love story. I may have imagined it all. No?

Let’s call our story the “bubble saga”. Because our story, although long and full of both adventures and misadventures, is always at risk of a sudden death. I never knew my place with you. I never knew if you did love me. All I knew was you were acting like you do. I thought we just never needed words or labels. But I was wrong.

We have known each other since second grade. We hated each other. It was the perfect start of a love story. We then became friends. I started to care about you. Come eighth grade, I was trying to impress you. I stopped being sloppy. I started to care about how I look. I joined the choir to spend more time with you. We started to spend more time together. You never told me about any other girl. You always looked at me like I’m the most beautiful girl you ever saw.

Even though I hated your long hair, I love the way you flip them when you sing and play the guitar. Even though I hated that you always shuffle my hair, I love that you like touching me. Even though I hated that you didn’t go to college, I love that I can still be with you. Even though I hated the too cute lyrics of your songs, I love how you sing about me.

When I turned 17 and you turned 21, I knew it was my chance to finally ask you what we really are. I have imagined what you’ll say the moment I ask you. “I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait ’till you’re 18.”

Yet, one day, you broke my heart. It was when I asked your band mate where you were and he said, “He at his girlfriend’s place.”

Our fading bubble finally burst. My heart shattered to pieces. I prayed you would deny. I prayed it wasn’t true. Then you said the most painful words ever.

“Didn’t I tell you? We have been together for couple of years now. All my songs are about her. Didn’t you notice?”

However, my saga continues. Turns out, my story with you was just a chapter. 

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