Thoughts on fashion and body shaming.

Disclaimer: This is basically a rant about fashion and beauty standards.

Teen Vogue Free Fashion Course

So I have enrolled on a short fee fashion course supported by Teen Vogue and The New School/Parsons (Parsons School of Design).


The full course costs $549 which I don’t really have right now or any time in the near future 😦 so I am utilizing the free option and even though it is quite short with only 5 of the 20 modules, I’ll take what I can get. [If you have that amount, you can enroll here.]

I am writing this blog just to share my thoughts about Fashion and the said program. Please note that I have nothing against Teen Vogue or The New School/Parsons and that I appreciate the 5-module course they are giving out for free. *Also note that I haven’t finished the said modules during the time of writing.parsons_logo


Fashion as Art

Since I was young, fashion has been all about style for me. Fashion has been about expressing my emotions, my personality and my mood through the clothes I wear. I never had a constant style with which you can associate me. I was always wearing different styles each and every day. I may be the sporty girl today but I can be the girly girl the next day. Again, it all depends on my mood.

Fashion for me was ART.  However, as it is represented by media, they somehow imply that it is more than art. Nowadays, it makes us think that fashion has rules and that only skinny people can pull off some outfits. This concept breaks my heart. I feel like they are trying to make fashion exclusive to those who look good. I know that there are some styles that are hard to pull off but I believe that anyone who’s brave enough to not care what the world thinks is beautiful. Yes, brave is beautiful. 

Fashion is knowing what clothes make you feel powerful and confident. Fashion expressing yourself by owning those looks and making it reflect you. Fat people can’t wear crop tops? NOPE. Ask Tess Holliday. #NoToBodyShaming

Credit: Courtesy of E! Online

The world’s beauty standards have been compromised. I am not saying that being fat is healthy, because I won’t be able to tell as I am not a doctor. HOWEVER, saying that someone isn’t beautiful or that they must stop wearing what they want to just because they are fat, is just a no-no.

*Currently, I’ll admit I haven’t been feeling good about my body. I’ve been asked more than a few times if I was pregnant just because I have belly flab. I just laugh it off but I am getting hurt. People think I should lose weight but it isn’t easy. People always notice my fats and call me out on it as if I don’t notice them myself. I feel disgusted every time I see myself in the mirror. You don’t have to remind me how fat I am. I envy those who have fats but are very confident about themselves.

Fashion Design Career Dreams

After watching a couple of videos from the module, I realized that even if I wanted to be a fashion designer, I may not be able to break through. I’d love creating my own clothes and bags but since I think fashion is art, I know only a few people will appreciate it. Fashion is art and art is subjective. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” remember? Only the creator/maker can see how beautiful his creation is. I will probably not appreciate the “comments” of the judges is I were to join Project Runway. I see the clothes I’ll make as my baby. I think my baby is beautiful and anyone who thinks otherwise be damned. (Did you get my analogy? Hope so.)

Told you it was a rant. Let’s hope I can post another how-to article soon. 😀 





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