How to Get Accepted to Brakebills


After being accepted to Brakebills, Dean Henry Fogg welcomed me and explained magic, the school, and the process to me.


He then told me that before I can go to school here, I must first take the exam.

An examination blue book is placed in my desk.


To take the exam, you’ll have to click the “Start Exam” button.


Note that the exam is timed. You only have a minute to finish all the questions.

The first question page looks like this:

Question 1:


“Who was the president of the United States
at the moment in your life when you became irrelevant?”

However, you actually can’t write anything because as soon as you click the paper, it’ll go to the next question. I wonder if there’s a meaning behind that. Like maybe I should think I am irrelevant so they aren’t giving the chance to justify the thought?

Anyways, moving on to the next question.

Question 2:


Select the type of magic most prominently
used in the Napoleonic Wars.

As if I know the answer to that. 😂 (I actually tried to retake the exam more than four times with each time changing my answer, but I still got this question wrong.)

Question 3:


Create a false language, and translate
“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” into your false language.

Then, describe the civil war that occurred in the society
that speaks your false language.

What in the world?!? It seems this test is really testing me. 😂

When I tried to type, a certain type-font appears. This happens even if I click random buttons. Of course, you’ll get that item wrong too.

Question 4:


You are a nurse and you walk into a patient’s room
and see that there is a fire in the trash can.
What do you do first? Choose the best answer.

Again, I’ve tried to choose different answers but never did I get it right.

Question 5:

If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead,
what kind of poison would you put it their food
to kill them, and why?

This questionnaire just keeps getting darker and darker. 😂 The page will move on to the next question as soon as you try to answer that.

Question 6:


Which of the following historical figures
was/is NOT a Magician?

To be honest, my first answer was Kanye West. 😂 He’s the only person I know from the list. I don’t know ’bout you but I know he ain’t a Magician. 😂 I’m also guessing there isn’t a right answer here as I’ve tried choosing each as an answer.

After the clicking the answer, you be shown the last page which says:

You have completed the entrance


Only then will a message like this shows up.

bb exam.JPG

B R A K E B I L L S   E X A M
C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

Dear Student,

You flunked, but we like you anyway.
On behalf of our faculty and staff, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to the graduate program at Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy for the Spring 2016 semester.

Maybe you will do something extraordinary and change the world, or maybe your magic will be utterly mundane. But at the end of the day, magic is far more than how much power you have, or how many spells you know. Magic is inextricably tied to who you are. We invite you to come explore with us.
Here, we teach you how to cultivate your magic, but how you wield it is entirely up to you.
Welcome to Brakebills.
Henry Fogg

Dean of Brakebills

If you have any idea to actually pass the exam, please spill! 😂 I’d love to really get a decent reply. I’ll be taking the first lesson soon.

Click here to take the exam and comment below how your exam went. Thank you for reading this post. ♥


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