Blog 1/52 People & Things I’m Inspired by…

Okay. So this is kinda late for week 1. My apologies (and excuses. 😁) Just joined the 52-week blogging challenge yesterday so…

Honestly, I’m rarely inspired these days. And even if I do get inspired, they cool off so fast I wasn’t even able to do anything about said inspiration. But let me try to remember some of the times I was inspired. I’m sorry if this post doesn’t seem inspiring. I’ll try to make it so.

Well, there was this one picture that inspired me to write a new story. Technically it was an image of a writing prompt. SRSLY I’m not sure if I’m writing this blog correctly. 🙄

Let’s see…
I like watching YouTubers, namely Ryan Higa, Megan Batoon, Judy Travis and Dominic Sandoval. Everytime I watch them, it makes me want to start my own YT channel.

I’ll just make up for this #$%^&*() post in another time.


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