Blog 3/52 Where do I spend my money?

(Week 3 of 52 Week Blogging Challenge)

When I was still a student, I spend most of my money on art supplies and stationeries. You won’t believe how many pens and actually stationery paper (plus matching envelopes) I have. I also have memo pads and notebooks that I don’t write on. I just buy them because they’re pretty.

When I started working (and eventually moving out), I lost almost all of my free time. So I spend my money on food and bills and rent. I basically became an adult. 😭😭😭

Right now, my money goes mostly to groceries, bills, rent and the occasional kitchen tools. 🤦 This is how I knew I was growing OLD. Because I’m starting to enjoy investing in products that’ll be used in the house. I’m only 23 years old but I’m in love in shopping at dollar stores and at the kitchen/home section of department stores.

Of course, I also spend some on beauty products. ♥

I just realized I should be buying more stuff for my hobbies. lol I guess it isn’t too late to start again.


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