Blog 4/52 My January Favorites!

January is a month of beginnings and I’ve decided to begin a monthly favorites blog post. I’m going to write about all the things I loved this month or from the last month. 😃

Let’s start with…


Last month, I was completely head over heels with Soman Chainani’s children’s book trilogy, The School for Good and Evil. I know it’s a children’s book. But the story is great and it was a really compelling read. 😅

Books covers of The School for Good and Evil Trilogy

I joined the 52-week Book Reading Challenge so I am hoping I could share more books with you soon. 😀


I was obsessed with Ashley Tisdale’s acoustic version of Paramore’s Still Into You featuring her husband, Christopher French.

It’s just so relaxing and sweet and I’ve always been a fan of Ashley since she’s Maddie in the Suite Life. I AM SO GLAD THAT SHE HAS BEEN SO ACTIVE ON YOUTUBE LATELY. 😍😍😍

TV Shows

Last month, I was binge-watching several shows.

1. Gossip GirlI started watching GG episodes but I stopped after the Season 3’s “The Unblairable Lightness of Being” episode.

I have this weird habit of stopping when I’m doing anything that stresses me. And that current point in their story arc was stressing me so I am stopping for a while.
But I still love GG and I’ll be back when I’m ready to be stressed by Blair and Chuck. 😆

2. Good Witch: Season 1: . This is a movie-turned-tv-series from the Hallmark channel. It’s an awesome show. My observation with this show is that it’s very relaxed but also interesting. While watching it, I wasn’t very stressed because of the story line but I was still interested enough not to leave (which rarely happens to me.)

I actually watched all the movies first before proceeding to watch the TV series so that I have a rooted background. (And yes, that’s how obsessed I am 😝).

3. Sense8. This is a Netflix exclusive show about 8 people  who are connected with each other. It has very mature content though. What I like about this show is that it makes my brain work hard to understand what is happening.

4. Legend of the Blue Sea.
It’s a story of a mermaid falling in love with a human and glbs-780x436oing the distance to follow love. It’s like the Little Mermaid but with adults and modern technology and a murderer on the loose. It stars Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Jun Ji-hyun (My Love from the Star).
Need I say more?


Food and Drink

This is too embarrassing to admit but I am currently obsessing with Spam Black Pepper. It tastes better than the regular spam as it has a certain spiciness brought by the black pepper.

I love to serve it with white rice and eggs or hash browns  and eat it for breakfast.

Last December, I was obsessed with Starbucks’ Holiday Drink Peppermint Mocha. It was always a  must-have every Christmas season.

Thank you for reading my favorites for this month. See you! Toodles! ♥



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