Blog 7/52 Smiles and the Resting Bitch Face

Quick question. Is there a cure for the RBF? No? Okay.

I’m just gonna put this out there. I’m quite a cheerful person. I could seriously laugh at anything, to the point of people thinking I’m weird. At one point, a friend of my boyfriend said, “Hala ka? You’re laughing like a lunatic.”


Back in high school, I’ve always been branded as a snob. Which I don’t understand. Because I try to be as cheerful as possible. Smile at people (read: acquaintances) I pass at the hallways. Laugh at almost any joke thrown at me. So why was I labeled as a snob?

Come 2016. (Yes. I only found out about the resting bitch face, last year. Poor me.)

I was scrolling through 9gag and came across a post discussing RBF. *light bulb moment* That was when I connected all the dots about “Resting Bitch Face”.

After studying my face in the mirror. I realized that my smile, wasn’t even a smile. My smile looks like a poker face. And my resting face looks like I’m planning to murder someone. So memories of all the times I smiled at someone, looking directly at their eyes, flooded my mind in a series of flashbacks. *cringe* They must have thought I was creepy for looking them straight in the eyes, yet with a poker face. *face desk and cringing some more*

It became clear why my boyfriend always tells me that I am mad all the time, when I know I’m not. The reason why my classmates have always thought I was snobbish. (Also probably why I don’t have friends.)

Like this.

So to solve my RBF issue, whenever I see pass an acquaintance in the streets, I squint my eyes and smile in an overly enthusiastic manner, but with a closed mouth. Just so that I am sure I am smiling.


Kinda like this. 


And when I realize my face is resting, I try to smile the normal smile which would equal to poker face.


It’s really exhausting, to be honest. Not being able to be myself, and just let my face go. Just so people around me would find me approachable. Although, I think it’s too late to try to solve it.

How do you deal with resting bitch face? Tell me in the comments? 🙂





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