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Reblogging for those who wanna learn Korean. [천만에요] Cheonman-eyo! ♥


Phrases for asking a Korean out on a date, complimenting them, and finding out if they’re single:

You’re beautiful.
아름다워. Ah-reum-da-wo. (informal)
아름다우시네요. Ah-reum-da-ooh-shi-ne-yo. (formal)

You’re cool.
멋있다. Musheetda. (informal)
멋있네요. Musheetneyo. (formal)

Are you hungry? Shall we go get some food?
배고파? 우리 밥 먹으러 갈까? Bae-go-pa? Oo-ri bap mug-eu-ruh gal-gga? (informal)
배고프세요? 우리 밥 먹으러 갈까요? Bae-go-peu-se-yo? Oo-ri bap mug-eu-ruh gal-gga-yo? (formal)

What are you doing today?
오늘 뭐해? O-neul mwo-hae? (informal)
오늘 뭐하세요? O-neul mwo-ha-se-yo? (formal)

What’s your phone number?
전화번호가 뭐야? Juhn-hwa-bun-ho-ga mwo-ya? (informal)
전화번호가 뭐예요? Juhn-hwa bun-ho-ga mwo-ye-yo? (formal)

Do you want to watch a movie?
영화보고 싶어? Young-hwa-bo-go ship-uh? (informal)
영화보고 싶어요? Young-hwa bo-go ship-uh-yo? (formal)

Are you single?
싱글이야? Shing-geul-ee-ya? (informal)
싱글이세요? Shing-geul-ee-se-yo? (formal)

Do you have a girlfriend?
여자친구 있어? Yuhja-chingoo eess-uh? (informal)
여자친구 있어요? Yuhja-chingoo eess-uh-yo? (formal)

Do you have a boyfriend?
남자친구 있어? Namja-chingoo eess-uh? (informal)
남자친구 있어요? Namja-chingoo eess-uh-yo?…

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