Blog 9/52 Favorite TV Series

Here’s the thing. I know I haven’t finished all the TV Series I mentioned in my last favorites post, except Legend of the Blue Sea (it was awesome btw). And Good Witch as I have finished watching all the available episodes on Netflix. I’m still waiting for them to upload Season 3.

But once more, I’m gonna list all the TV series that currently I’m obsessing over.

1. Vampire Diaries


The series revolve around vampires, some witches, and some humans living in Mystic Falls. I’m currently on Season 7. I’m upset that they haven’t uploaded Season 8, which concluded like months ago.

I love Caroline’s character. She’s just very real and I just love how her character progresses in the show.

2. Riverdale

Riverdale Poster

I know some of you loved the Archie Comics as much as I did. Seeing the characters brought to life like this is amazing. Plus, I love shows with mystery and drama.

I’m also in love with Cole Sprouse (portraying Jughead Jones)…

And because I love them bad girls:

and Camila Mendes (portraying Veronica Lodge).

Even though she’s no Blair Waldorf. (You and I both know there is only one Blair Waldorf.) I just adore her feistiness.

Side note: Who do you think killed Jason Blossom, though? I can’t quite figure that out yet. 

3. The Magicians


I haven’t started to watch the second season though, as I waited for it to conclude first. I wanna watch without waiting for the next episode. And I’m also afraid of what’s gonna happen to them. Last season’s finale was kinda extreme. I loved this show so much I even went to their site (which is like Pottermore) and took the Brakebills exam.

So far, these are the shows I’m obsessing over. Come July 2017, though, Game of Thrones will be added to this list. Face With Tears of Joy on EmojiOne 3.0 What shows are you watching? Tell me in the comments?






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