Blog 18/52 Favorite Foods

Because I am on my period and am craving for my fave foods.

1. Pretzels
Bavaria, blur, bread

I love how they smell, especially when freshly baked. And those dips. Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on Messenger 1.0

2. Refrigerated Cake

baked cheesecake, berries, cake

I love that every bite is sweet and cold. It’s like combining cake and ice cream. Shortcake on Messenger 1.0

3. Rice (Especially Fried or Garlic Rice)

chicken, close-up, cooking

I guess this comes from being Asian, or maybe because Filipinos love rice. Cooked Rice on emojidex 1.0.24 I eat like 3-4 cups of rice per meal. My belly is proof. Face With Tears of Joy on Messenger 1.0

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Image may contain: food and indoor

I can finish a whole box in one seating. Cookie on Facebook 2.0

5. Potatoes

Free stock photo of food, bowl, macro, french fries

Be it fries, hash brown, chips, mojos, or mashed potato, I’ll eat it!


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