Blog 22/52 How to Heal a Broken Heart

They say time heals broken hearts, just like with wounds. 

I disagree. 

I think closure heals broken hearts. 

It’s when you finally accept the truth and stop making excuses for the person who broke your heart. 

That deadbeat parent who always had excuses why he/she can’t be there.

That former friend whom you thought is reliable.

That ex-partner who cheated and blames it on your shortcomings. 

Seek closure so that your heart may heal and your mind be put to rest. It’s when you finally accept those people as they are and decide if you’ll continue the relationship or break it off. 

When you decide to stop waiting for your deadbeat parent, to focus on your other friends and to accept that it isn’t your fault your partner cheated, that’s when you get closure and have yourself a carefree and happy soul.


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