Book 4/52 Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George Review

It’s been a while since I last read a physical book. It was nice to do it again. 😊 The smell of old books is really relaxing. I bought this book on a sale, but it looks nice.

The book is titled Dragon Slippers, written by Jessica Day George. I think there is a second book titled “Dragon Flight”. I would probably have to scour book sales and secondhand bookstores just to find it. 😄


The story started slow but I was hooked by the unexpected twists and turns. This is basically just me listing down my reactions to the story.

Spoilers ahead! ⚠⚠⚠

1. Creel’s personal characteristics and behaviors wasn’t really discussed much. I like that it revolved mainly around the story and less on the minute details.

2. I hate that Thoradeus didn’t even warn her about the shoes. It was a dangerous thing to give away. I think it was really stupid that he would just let her have it especially with everything that had been done just to make sure the shoes don’t go to the wrong hands.

3. I don’t understand why Larkin fainted when she put the shoes on. I mean, Amalia didn’t faint. Creel didn’t faint.

4. I am very conflicted with what I feel with Larkin. I don’t like the fact that in almost all the stories out there, cripples are made to be the bad guys. However, the story showed that her attitude was actually why she is bad. I kind of hoped that her motives should have been shown coz I don’t like it when bad guys do bad stuff just because. I think it would have made a better sense if I knew why she was being that way.

5. Creel was able to disrespect A LOT of people without getting punished. It isn’t good to disrespect authority. It would have been better if she was at least scolded for doing so. It seems out of character for a king or a duke to let some foreign commoner disrespect him and let her live to tell the tale.

I hope I get to finish the other books on my list. I’m supposed to finish 52 books this year and I’m still on book 4. Dammit! 😭



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