Life in General: An Update

I have not written for a long time, but I should say that I have tried. It is also worth mentioning that I have focused some of my attention to Instagram-ing some short-lived projects.

I have tried taking online classes about topics I think will help my WIP.

 Trying to learn more about magic so I can write better fantasy. 🦄🦄🦄

I’ve tried learning Korean but I’ve stopped for a while. 😁 It’s hard. 😫😭

Ending (or technically, starting) the year learning Korean. I’m still slow in reading and speaking but hey that’s okay. #donenotperfect Trying to fit one more goal before the year ends lol✌🏼 #onlinelearning #hangeul #koreanlanguageclass @jrxxmh Sabayan mo ko.

I’ve tried jewelry making but I am currently lacking materials. I’ll go back to that before the year ends. This is a pair of earring I made for a friend’s birthday.

I have been bullet journaling (of which I take some pictures and post them on IG).

I’ve done some calligraphy and used it on my bujo.

OMG this #calligraphy #lettering for next week’s #bujoweeklyspread didn’t make me cringe! 🙈💕 yaaaassss #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujogirl #blackandwhitebujo #minimalistbulletjournal

I’m happy to say that I think I have improved (at least with the pictures I take for IG 😁)


I’ll be turning 25 soon. Like in a few days.

And it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about myself and about everything around me. It’s fun discovering something about myself with the help of another person. I’m grateful of all the people who are always there for me as well as those who have not been, as they have taught me life lessons too.

I may still be a bit sad inside but not so much anymore. I’m seeing a bit more happiness right now. But it could just be that it’s my birthday month.

I’m hoping that I could write more. Dance more. Create more. And hopefully I could update this blog more. And hopefully make it more personal? I’ve always had a hard time sharing my life and personal stuff because, you know, this is the internet. But maybe someday I’ll learn.


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