Apologize to the trees.

You don’t notice but
trees are watching us sadly,
as we destroy earth.



Irony (a poem)

You want me to open up
Then you tell me to shut up.
You ask me what’s wrong,
then tell me to just move on.

You confuse me with your care
Say you love me, you swear.
But I gotta wait when I ask for your time,
If I insist, it’s a crime.

You make me go crazy.
Your friends think I’m so clingy.
No need to be treated like a princess,
Don’t need saving, ain’t a damsel in distress.

I just want your attention,
Shower me with affection.
Show me that you really care.
Listen to me, don’t hear.


I Shouldn’t Have Met You (a poem)

I used to seek approval for everything I do
But I was a loner nonetheless.
Then I met you.
My life changed, I confess.

Your presence and care, I craved.
You’ve made me want a piece of your soul.
Only some of it, you gave.
But somehow, you have made me whole.

Then you left.
I was broken.
Your promise unkept.
You’re never to be seen again.

I shouldn’t have met you.
I should have bid you adieu.
I should have guarded my heart, too.
I shouldn’t have met you.


Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,
I hope you are feeling fine.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Don’t be afraid of crossing the line.

The sense of impending doom you feel
It doesn’t really go away.
It just tucks itself away from what’s real
Then comes out some other day.

Don’t be afraid of breaking down.
It’s just yourself telling you it’s tired.
Don’t push away the meltdown.
Instead, rest and come out inspired.

Use those feelings to move yourself forward.
Don’t let it manipulate and control you.
Don’t let it make you feel cornered.
Be strong. Breathe and stay true.


Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasure.
That’s what you are.
You’re something I treasure,
You’re mine from afar.

Guilty pleasure.
The depth of my love
no one can measure,
but the god above.

Guilty pleasure.
Your eyes as bright as the moon,
Your lips as soft as feather,
In my life you’re a boon.


Blog 25/52 Strength

To go on.
To move on.
To live life like nothing’s wrong.

Waking up in the morning
Already feeling down
Left the house frowning
Feeling alone in a happy town.

Sipping my coffee,
biting my bread.
Riddled with anxiety,
Starting the day with dread.

Tell me, please.
How do you go on with life
Living it with ease
As if evil isn’t rife?

Cari ©

Blog 20/52 Connecting the Dots

I’m quite excited as I am able to construct a bit of a structure for my story. I’m still on the planning stages but I am very excited about it.

I’m connecting  the dots regarding my MC’s background as well as her family’s. It’s nice to finally be able to come up with something. Hopefully this goes a long way.

I hope the book I’ll produce will have some readers/admirers along the way. My goal is for people to actually read it and like it as well as be excited about it. Hopefully.

It’s here, BTW, should anyone want to read about it. It’s an ongoing series at Tapas.io (a Wattpad-type of platform for comics and novels.)