Blog 25/52 Strength

To go on.
To move on.
To live life like nothing’s wrong.

Waking up in the morning
Already feeling down
Left the house frowning
Feeling alone in a happy town.

Sipping my coffee,
biting my bread.
Riddled with anxiety,
Starting the day with dread.

Tell me, please.
How do you go on with life
Living it with ease
As if evil isn’t rife?

Cari ©

Blog 20/52 Connecting the Dots

I’m quite excited as I am able to construct a bit of a structure for my story. I’m still on the planning stages but I am very excited about it.

I’m connecting  the dots regarding my MC’s background as well as her family’s. It’s nice to finally be able to come up with something. Hopefully this goes a long way.

I hope the book I’ll produce will have some readers/admirers along the way. My goal is for people to actually read it and like it as well as be excited about it. Hopefully.

It’s here, BTW, should anyone want to read about it. It’s an ongoing series at (a Wattpad-type of platform for comics and novels.)


Blog 17/52 A Mother’s Love (Poem)

A poem about a mother's love.

others show love in different ways

nd some more than others, because they also have bad days.

esting and taking a day off isn’t an option in this job.

ou’ll understand when you’re a mother too, she says.

aring for us without asking for anything in return, tomorrow or now.

ven willing to give up their share, so that we can eat the full meal.

oving us in their own way — the only way they know how


Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there. ♥

Blog 15/52 On the inside

all this darkness I try to hide
all these buried demons
keep coming back no matter how I tried
no time to make lemonades from lemons

there’s nothing to do but cry
i come up for air
but i get greeted by
life that’s never fair

there’s no point complaining
this world is my chrysalid
stop being a bitch and the whining
like my feelings were never valid

‘man it up and be tough’
always the advice, usually unsolicited
so i cry on the inside and thus the curtain goes up
the possibilities are unlimited.

the world becomes my stage
as i try to pretend i’m okay
even though it’s really my cage
on the inside i decay.

The Bubble Saga

I wanna try doing this prompt. Let’s give it a shot, okay?


I have always wanted to tell you how annoyed I was with you. How irritating the way you put your arms on the top my head as if I am an armrest. But I didn’t. I didn’t want a simple thing to ruin what we have. What we had. I made sure nothing could pop our bubble. But like all bubbles, sooner or later, it’ll pop on its own.

Our story was never a love story. Ours was a saga. An epic filled with adventures. However, we took separate paths when we reached the end. You chose an new exciting adventure than keep having a humdrum hike with me.

You know what? It might not even be a love story. I may have imagined it all. No?

Let’s call our story the “bubble saga”. Because our story, although long and full of both adventures and misadventures, is always at risk of a sudden death. I never knew my place with you. I never knew if you did love me. All I knew was you were acting like you do. I thought we just never needed words or labels. But I was wrong.

We have known each other since second grade. We hated each other. It was the perfect start of a love story. We then became friends. I started to care about you. Come eighth grade, I was trying to impress you. I stopped being sloppy. I started to care about how I look. I joined the choir to spend more time with you. We started to spend more time together. You never told me about any other girl. You always looked at me like I’m the most beautiful girl you ever saw.

Even though I hated your long hair, I love the way you flip them when you sing and play the guitar. Even though I hated that you always shuffle my hair, I love that you like touching me. Even though I hated that you didn’t go to college, I love that I can still be with you. Even though I hated the too cute lyrics of your songs, I love how you sing about me.

When I turned 17 and you turned 21, I knew it was my chance to finally ask you what we really are. I have imagined what you’ll say the moment I ask you. “I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait ’till you’re 18.”

Yet, one day, you broke my heart. It was when I asked your band mate where you were and he said, “He at his girlfriend’s place.”

Our fading bubble finally burst. My heart shattered to pieces. I prayed you would deny. I prayed it wasn’t true. Then you said the most painful words ever.

“Didn’t I tell you? We have been together for couple of years now. All my songs are about her. Didn’t you notice?”

However, my saga continues. Turns out, my story with you was just a chapter. 

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Love is…

Love is when you have different versions of fun but you don’t mind doing both.

Love is telling stories and laughing together.

Love is playing video games with him. Even if you can’t figure out how to control the console or what the point of the game is.

Love isn’t compromise.

It isn’t sacrifice either.

Love is a choice.

You, choosing to do things because of that special person and not even feel disadvantaged.

You, choosing to count the things you love about him rather than the things that annoy you.

You, not even minding that he keeps on doing the most annoying thing you hate.

It’s when letting go of your pride is so easy because you know it is never an option to be mad for so long.

Love is when you choose to love.

Love is ©