Blog 16/52 The Past

I’ve been thinking about my “past” for a few days now. Things I did when I was a kid (like literally 5 – 12 years old), that are so embarrassing, so wrong, or just plain irrational. Or the things that happened in my teenage years. I have a lot of demons. Some I face, some I run from.

Alice Cooper Riverdale Season 1 Finale Quote
Alice Cooper (to Betty), Riverdale, S1E13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

Despite it all, I can’t change what has already occurred. Even if I get my hands on a time machine, I can’t change them as it may change the life I have now. I’ve always said that I stand by the things I do. As I won’t do them if I don’t believe in them. Yet, these things I did, bring me shame and guilt.

It’s hard to let go of it. Of all the guilt (and shame). I try but it ain’t easy. So how do we let go of the past?

IHMO, it should start with the truth.

Fred Andrews Quote 1

I loved this quote from #Daddy Fred Andrews. You have to be honest with yourself and with others. You must free yourself from lies so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Stop lying and start living with the truth.

And then, face the past. Come clean and try to admit everything. Even just to yourself.

Here’s another quote from Fred Andrews that relates to me so much.

Fred Andrews (to Archie), Riverdale, S1E2: Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil

I agree with Fred. To make sure you don’t have to run from your past, you have to face it head on. No matter what the cost, the truth will always be worth it in the end. 



Blog 13/52 Learning a New Language

I think that our minds are destined/scientifically wired to learn new things everyday. And so, I feel like I need to at least learn something new each day.

Learning a new language is difficult. I’m lucky that I learned English as a kid so it comes naturally to me now. I can say that I’m fluent in English. But my mind wants more. It wants to learn more. We all have that craving for new information. When we gossip, it’s because our brains crave for new information. Why not channel that craving into something healthier?

Here’s some languages you can learn online:

1. Spanish

Being a previous colony of the Spaniards, the Filipino language have a lot in common with the Spanish language. Which makes it easier to learn.

You can check out FutureLearn as they teach basic spanish free, or you can look for language apps in the App Store. Real Fast Spanish have a free 5-step course for you to learn Spanish easy.

2. French

We all know that French is the sexiest language. However, it may be one of the hardest languages to learn. You can look online for free language courses. You can also visit BBC’s site where they give free basic online lessons.

3. Japanese

You don’t need to be an Otaku to learn Nihongo. Clayton McKnight’s website aims to help us learn the Japanese language easiest way.

*You may also install the app Duolingo where several languages are being taught, or visit their website at 

4. Code

Of course, you can leave out this new language — the language of programming. There are many online sites that offer free (as well as premium) tutorial services for beginners like us.

There’s SkillCrush,, SkillShare, CodeCademy and a whole lot more.

You can also visit CodeSkulptor and PythonTutor. (Thanks Dina! Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on EmojiOne 3.0)

5. Music

This includes singing and dancing as well as playing instruments. There’s a lot of free tutorials that can be found at YouTube. If you have money to spend, you can signup at Udemy where hundreds of people are aching to teach music and dance.

What language are you gonna learn today?

Blog 12/52 How to Celebrate Your Birthday (the affordable way)

Girl with birthday balloons

So that rhymes… Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Closed Eyes on EmojiOne 3.0 Moving on…

My birthday is coming soon… Well, in about a month. Next month. I know I’m too excited but I just feel that this year’s birthday needs to be celebrated with something special. However, the thing is, I’m broke as !@#$. So I have to think of other ways to make it special. In the process, I wanna share the things I came up with.

1. Bake your own cake.

If you’re the type who knows how to bake (or at least cook), you should try making your own cake. Heck, if you love cake then DO IT!

Even if you don’t have an oven, you can try baking with your rice cooker. Here’s one I found in YouTube.

2. Have a Potluck Party with friends.

If you’re the type to party, then this one’s for you. Since you’re broke, you can ask friends to bring something for the party. And to make sure no one’s gonna bring the same thing more than twice, write down the stuff you think you’ll need for the party. And then assign them to those you’ll be inviting. You can also tell them that if they forgot to bring something, just buy some snacks or drinks to get past the door.

You provide the venue, they provide the booze and the food. Win-win! Thumbs Up on emojidex 1.0.24


Just in case you don’t have a clue on what to ask your friends to bring, here are some:

  • Guitar (or any instrument) – So that you guys can jam!
  • Ice – It’s not a bad idea to have so much ice. You’ll never have too much ice.
  • Bread – You can make sandwiches, DIY pizzas, and toasts so make sure to ask them to bring some spreads, sauces and toppings too.
  • Junk food such as chips and popcorn – Because.
  • Sodas and Booze.
  • Dessert – You can ask them to bring cupcakes, chocolate bars and candies!
  • Cheese – You can do a lot of things with cheese.
  • Eggs – You can cook it in a lot of ways. Also, have you tried deviled eggs? Yum!
  • Frozen Pizza – for when you just want to be done with it.
  • Cake-mix – Or a brownie mix.
  • A pot of guacamole or some other dip.
  • Instant noodles – instant Ramen is also nice. Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Closed Eyes on EmojiOne 3.0

Of course, there are more possible things your friends can bring. You can also ask your friends what they are willing to bring.

3. Schedule a visit to your parents.

I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to take you out on your birthday. Unless, you had a fallout, then you can go and make amends. That would be a nice way to spend your day.


4. Participate in a marathon.

Okay, I meant a streaming marathon.


If you prefer to spend your day indoors, probably with your SO or your BFF, and watch Netflix. If you don’t already have an account, ask a friend to lend you their account for a day. It’s your birthday after all. They’ll probably let you.

There’s a ton of shows available on Netflix and I’m sure you’ll be able to finish some of the TV series in a day. I have. Winking Face on EmojiOne 3.0

5. Sleep in.

Last, but not the least, sleeping in with your SO. This is the only day when you can’t be shamed for sleeping. It is your day. You can do whatever the F you want to do with it.


Got more to add? Tell me in the comments? Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on EmojiOne 3.0


How to Quit Your Job

I have been wanting to quit my job since last year, and I can’t seem to be able to do so. Not until I read, a post about “just quitting”. After reading that article, I did a little thinking. I prayed and I meditated on it.

And I finally made up my mind and just quit. After I did, there was a sense of relief as if a dagger sticking out my throat had been removed. The depression and anxiety didn’t go entirely but I can feel it lessened.

Today is my last day and I feel so good. I feel free. So how did I find the courage to quit?

1. Meditate on why you want to quit.

Know your reasons. Is quitting the only way to solve your problems? In my case, it’s like God had given me a way out as my partner decided to work and I’ll be the one to stay at home.

I was being bullied at work. Plus,  I am not a very social person. Quitting my job gave me the chance to do online jobs where I do not need to socialize a lot. Plus, I get the freedom to continue running our bakery business.

Whatever your reasons are, make sure you are headed to a better direction. You do not want to be impulsive. Plan it out.

2. Discuss your options with someone you trust.

I am so blessed to have my partner support me in this.

I was so afraid of quitting because I know I needed to eat. I needed to work so I can provide for myself. However, every time I think about quitting, I panic as I know I don’t have any savings as my safety net if I did. He helped me be kinder to myself as he knows I’m on the edge of burnout.

My point is, talk to someone you trust (better if it’s your parents or your partner) and discuss your feelings. Tell them why you want to quit and what you plan to do. What is stopping you from doing so. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you figure things out.

3. Decide when you want to do it.

Once you decide when to quit, trust me, you’ll feel the difference. After handing in my letter, some of the anxiety I have been feeling faded. Hope was bursting from me. I finally had a goal instead of endless days of going to the same old routine of a job.

Even though you aren’t going to quit soon, if you want to, set a date when you’ll finally do it. Set a date when your savings should be enough. Set a goal and make sure it’s achievable.

4. Just quit.

When your set time has come, print the letter, sign it and hand it over. Free yourself from your boring routine and start chasing your dream.

If you want to be a writer, everything you do must be leaning towards being a writer. Showcase your writing skills even if you are just sending an email to your client. If you want to be a chef, everything you do must be helping you become one. When you cook, practice doing what chefs do. Wear a toque if you like. Just make it happen.

I hope I was able to help you with my story. Feel free to share as well as like and follow! ♥

How to Vote Wisely

Election is around the corner but I still don’t know who to vote for. It has come to a point where every candidate feels like the wrong person to vote for.



AND I find it hard to find the lesser evil. (Yet, I just told my mom to choose the lesser evil, I’m such a hypocrite! XD )

How did we get into this deep sh*t? Why did we let ourselves go this far? Not that I am pointing fingers (coz I don’t really have an inkling on what really transpired behind the written history 😉 ) but the older generation really had something to do with this, and their parents, and their parents’ parents.


So, the only way to stop this nonsense is through us: The New Generation. We have the power to change lives and to write history.


What do I mean?

Remember JFK’s famous quote?
my-fellow-americans-ask-not-what-your-country-can-do-for-you-doctors-quoteWe should start caring for our country and not just ourselves. Yes, your town will be abundant if this guy wins, but what about the next town? Will your guy also take care of the next town even if it’s the town of his rival?

Will your guy consider implementing some of the great platforms of his rivals or will he stick to his own?

Will he still take care of the previous administration’s projects to help the country or will he abolish it just so the masses can forget the previous official?

Is your candidate thinking of the country’s future or is he thinking of keeping a clean name and reputation?

Is he thinking of what he can do for the country or what the country can do for him?

I think we should stop our bad habits now, so we don’t need to vote for an iron fist leader. We should start obeying the law so we don’t need to vote for people who’ll force us to obey the law.

We should stop voting for candidates who buy votes and distributes money in envelopes so that they won’t have a chance to rob the masses. Corrupt officials are in the government because we voted for them. We voted for them because they promised to give us something cool, like a meet-and-greet of our favorite celebrities. We know it’s wrong yet we do it still. Or do we? Moreover, we have the guts to call out corrupt candidates when we, ourselves, are corrupt and cheaters.


We should start taking responsibility of our country and our future. It’s our turn to take charge.

How to vote wisely? Think of your country. Vote with your country and its future in mind. 

Keeping you in mind,

Love is… (Part 2)

After reading a blog post by Chevy, I remembered everything. I had known that love was a choice and not just a feeling. I had known it since long ago. It was the same reason that I am still in this relationship despite getting really annoyed and irritated by the same guy I know I love. However, after reading her post, I remembered my promise — my decision.

Before I said accepted my boyfriend’s love on that August afternoon, I had done everything I can to make sure I am doing the right thing — that he is the right man.

Let me tell you our story.

I met him April 10, 2013 during our New Hire Orientation. I wasn’t looking for a relationship so I didn’t really pay him much attention. For me, he was just a future colleague. (However, he said it was love at first sight for him.) smiling-face-with-heart-shaped-eyes

After a few months, I was getting hints that he likes me. At some point, he wanted to stay with me even when he’s got a fever. He always eats his lunch with me instead of with the other crowd. You get the point. smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes I didn’t want to be with him at that time as I didn’t think he was the one God wanted for me. I “friend-zoned” him. Yet, he wanted to be able to love me still. I was amazed by the guy’s determination. I began to see the little things he does for me. Then, before I knew it, I fell for him.

Come my birthday, he officially asked to court me. I didn’t actually say yes. I’d just let him do his thing. I just said, “Do whatever.” He bought me Krispy Kreme truffled donuts that day.

I still wasn’t sure of him so I asked my mom if she approves. She just told me to do what would make me happy. I contemplated for weeks. I knew this guy loves me as he shows me that he does. he was different from all the guys I dated as he actually wanted to show how much he loves me. He tolerates my drama. He accepts me for who I am but also scolds me when I am wrong. He’s interested in me.

What kept me from saying yes is the fact that I know one day, the love, the feeling of love would somehow disappear, just like it did with my past relationships. I knew he’ll eventually get tired of me, my drama and my BS. I knew.

However, when my mom told me to do what makes me happy, I knew that being in a relationship with him would make me so happy. To be able to make him feel ‘how much love I feel for him‘ would make me feel happy. That was when I decided to love him. I decided to love him even though I know he wouldn’t always be lovable.

I remember all of those now. I remember why I decided to love him in the first place — not because I wanted to feel loved but because I wanted to love him. 

So when I said yes that afternoon, I had decided that I am going to love this person, no matter what. ♥

Camera 360

Today starts our 32nd month together. It had been a bumpy ride but since I decided to get on this train, I will enjoy the ride until we reach our destination. #Forever grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes

I know we will always have petty fights and even relationship-threatening fights. I know he will continue to annoy me. But I know he’ll continue to choose loving me and so will I because love is a choice and WE CHOOSE OUR LOVE. ♥





















5 Tips on How to Take Smartphone Selfies with Your Dog

If you are tired of forcing your dog to take selfies with you, this guide might help you get a perfect shot even with just a smartphone.

1. Plan the photo shoot and create a shot list.


Dogs, along with other pet animals, are hard to photograph. So what you need to do is prepare and plan the event. Decide on what your concept would be and what time of the day you’ll be doing the shoot.

If you plan to recreate a character and need costumes, have the costumes handy and make sure your pet is comfortable wearing the said costumes. If the costumes itches, he won’t be as cooperative.

If you have a routine of walking your dog in the afternoon, it will only get him too energetic if you do the photo shoot then. Unless that’s the kind of situation you are looking for, be sure to prepare the dog. Walk him first and let him release energy. Wait until he relaxes and tries to calm himself. Once a dog is tired, you can get a selfie with him smiling and probably with his tongue out.

2. Consider the background and go for natural lighting.


Dark backgrounds will tend to drown out black-furred dogs. Taking pictures of him in a dark lit room may not be a good idea. This also goes for taking pictures of a white-furred dog in the snow. Unless your smartphone has great focus, avoid that same shade combination.

Dogs have different shades of fur. Fluorescent lights don’t go well with taking selfies. If you take a picture of a black furred dog under a fluorescent light, his fur will look bluish. You won’t be able to capture the tiny details. He’ll just look like a black dog silhouette. The most perfect and most recommended weather to take pictures in is during a nice overcast. Having a bright sunny only changes the look of national event.

Also, when taking pictures, especially selfies, take note of your background. Always double check your background as a dirty laundry pile can ruin your perfect picture.

3. Be patient and cuddle with your dog.


Some owners think that shouting, “Stay, boy! Stay! Stay! Stay, boy!” again and again will make their pet more obedient but they’re wrong. Bombarding them with commands will only distract them more. Instead, be patient and wait for your dog to respond. You can use treats to get his attention or have a friend help take your photo while you fix your dog’s pose.

Another option is to cuddle your dog so he would be relaxed for the photo shoot. You can even wear matching costumes to fit the theme. Once your dog calms down, close-up selfie and focus on his eyes. Since eyes are the windows of the soul, the picture will have personality.

Speaking of personality, let your dog’s personality come through the photos. Let him be himself and the perfect moments will come. Candid moments are better anyways. A dog wearing a suit acting like a dog is cuter than a forced behaved dog wearing a suit. Just have your camera ready to capture the moment.

4. Fix the settings of your smartphone and edit your final photos.



Most phones have a camera app setting for taking moving subjects. Using that particular setup, you’ll be able to get good shots even though you have an energetic dog. Say goodbye to blurred photos. Also, when taking a selfie with your dog and he suddenly moves or leaves, the phone will be able to catch him inside the frame.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to stress out over bad quality photos because there is always Photoshop. You can always edit and enhance the quality of your pictures. Feel free to use filters and play with the adjustment buttons of saturation, brightness and contrast. You can even use apps to edit or even when taking the pictures.

5. Shoot lots of pictures.


Much like taking your own selfie, you must take many shots so that you have a ton of pictures to choose from. Even models take a huge number of pictures from different angles.

In addition, get flexible to get great angles. Even if it takes bending your waist for quite a long amount of time, try to see things in your dog’s perspective. Pictures are better when taken at an eye level, which in this case is your dog’s eye level.

You don’t need a great camera to capture beautiful photographs. Photography is a skill and not a setting. It takes patience, passion, and probably a phone.



What’s your love language?

Okay. I know I said I wouldn’t be posting about Valentine’s day. But I just can’t help it. And NO, I’m not gonna post and display what my boyfriend gave me. (Spoiler: He did not give me anything.) Also, NO, I am not mad at him. You see, this day is not just about the gifts. Although girls would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive them gifts, what we really want is the attention and affection of the person we love. Amirite ladies? So some guys think that they’ll be able to show their love better with gifts, that’s fine. But if your guy didn’t, maybe he feels that doesn’t really translate his love.

Have you heard about “love language”?

According to Gary Chapman, a relationship counselor and author of The 5 Love Languages series, love languages are ways to express and experience love.

There are five:

  1. gifts
  2. quality time
  3. words of affirmation
  4. acts of service/devotion
  5. physical touch/intimacy

Gift love.

Mind you, this is different from materialism. This kind of love language seeks love, thoughtfulness and effort behind the gift given. People with this language thinks that the perfect gift or gesture should show that their partner knows them, cares for them and values them. For them, gifts are a visual representation  of love and they treasure even the smallest gifts.


The Perfect Gift: anything that is thought through. Preferably something that would mean a lot to your partner, i.e. a book from the author your partner loves, jewelry with your initials on it, a card with a heart felt poem, a song you wrote.

Quantity vs. Quality

This is one of the things my partner and I always fight about. He thinks that “spending time with me” means being beside me while he plays on his phone/PC/game device. What I really want is at least an hour of undivided attention. Spending time with me without hurrying to sleep or hurrying so he could play. You know what I mean?

When I try to tell him about this, he just interrupts me and announces his love for me. Ain’t he cute? That’s what he do when he knows he’s wrong.

Anyway, so about quality time. When spending time with your partner, quality is better than quantity. People who speak this language loves the undivided attention, the feeling that their loved one is interested in them.


The Perfect Gift: Your UNDIVIDED attention. Don’t interrupt when they talk. Give valid responses to show interest. Eye contact. Make sure your eyes don’t glaze over.

Let’s get Physical!

This language doesn’t just revolve around the bedroom. A person with this language is very touchy. They prefer hugs, pats on the back, massages, holding hands etc.

Physical presence is very crucial for them to feel loved. They get a sense of security and belonging in the relationship when communicated with the said language.


The Perfect Gift: A massage or maybe more?

Action speak louder than words.

People with “Acts of Service” as their love language believes in the saying above. Most wives and mothers have  kind of language. They feel that serving their loved ones will show just how much love they feel.

When you try to lessen the burden of these people by helping out, they’ll see how much you love them. Hearing the words “let me do that for you” would probably have them swooning.


The Perfect Gift: Do their chores and errands for a period of time or at least offer to. They’ll really appreciate the thought. (Of course, you’d have to be really willing to do it in case they say yes.)

Kiss and Tell!

“Words of Affirmation” as a love language seeks unsolicited compliments and positive words. People with this language get hyped whenever they hear supportive, kind and encouraging words. Just hearing “I love you” can make their day.


The Perfect Gift: Recite a poem. Pick up a guitar and serenade them. Just tell them how much you love them.

A person can have more than one love language. 

Try to learn what your partner’s love language is and learn yours too. Knowing that, it could make a big impact on how your partner can perceive your love and vice versa. Knowing what my partner’s love language made me understand him. It made me accept that he might not shower me with gifts, I should be assured that he really loves me and he’s actually trying to show it in his own special way – in his own special love language. ♥

If you want to understand and learn more about the love languages, I found a website called and they have a test where you can find out your love language or your child’s.


This is NOT a paid advertisement.





4 Reasons Why You Need To Invest on Experience

When you invest, you expect a return. If you invest on experience, you get a return in terms of memories. Happiness cannot be bought, only experienced. So unless you stop investing in goods and start experiencing life, you will never find true happiness.

Reasons Why You Should Invest on Experience

First of all, investing in yourself is a crucial part of self-love. You have to understand that you are more important than the amount of money you have in the bank.

You are what you experience. It was not what food you ate that defines you but what you felt when you ate it. The moments in your life only mean what they mean because of the emotions it made you feel and the people you were with at that moment.

Going to Paris is exciting, not because of the place itself but because you are excited to feel what tourists feel when you get there. You are excited to experience traveling to another country. Experience lets you know what makes you happy and that is what’s important.

You are what you remember. The experience, the moments – they all are important not because of the amount of money spent. They are only important to you because of the moments you remember. When you reminisce, you don’t giggle because you remember how much that party cost you. You giggle because you remember all the silliness and fun that took place in that party.

Do you know why some people don’t throw old pictures? or why some collect candid shots? It is because those photos hold a lot of memories they want to remember and to revisit.

You are not the things you own. Not everyone who has a lot of money is happy. Why? Because even if you have all the money in the world, if you don’t have someone –anyone– to share it with, there is no happiness.

People are social creatures. They thrive attention and affection, things you can’t get from material things. Even if you own a luxury car, if no one is there to go on a joy ride with you, it isn’t the same. When your morning mug breaks, or any material thing for that matter, you may feel upset and regret the amount of money you spent on it. However, the deepest impact would be from the fact that you are losing that object that “someone” gave you or that object that reminds you of all the good mornings you spent with “someone”.

Those experiences are more important than the material things themselves. Accept that no matter how cheap or expensive a thing is, the experience you got from that certain mug is what will stay with you.

You are not your bank account balance. Another reason why you should invest on experience is for you to realize that you can still enjoy life even if you don’t have a ton of money. Sometimes, the people with that least amount of money are the happiest. Why? It is because they have shifted their focus from thinking of the next sale or from that new set of shoes that was released last week. They have focused on being content with what they have and on spending their time on people instead.

So what do you need to do to invest on experience? Start asking yourself when you die, what will be your answers to this questions:


  • Can I really say that I have lived?
  • Have I done everything I want to?
  • Do I have any regrets?


Reflect on the said questions and live life according to your responses.


How To: Pay Off ALL Your Debts

One of the ways to improve your attitude towards money is to pay all of your debts. This may not be possible to do in one go. However, making it your priority helps finish the payments faster.

Here are some approaches to paying off all of your debts.

Approach 1: ONE STEP AT A TIME

Pay one debt after another. Find the card that charges the highest interest rate and start with that card. Then, go to the next card with the lower amount until you finish all of them.

You can also go the other way around and pay the card with the smallest balance first. When paid off, use the money allotted to pay the card with next smallest balance until you finish them all.

Approach 2: PAY MORE

When paying your monthly dues, pay more than the minimum balance. The smaller your balance is, the smaller the interest will be. It will speed up the payments too.


Combine your debt so you’ll only pay only one creditor. However, you have to check on what your behavior is regarding debt accumulation.  Even if you’ll be able to pay your debt off, if you won’t cut off the credit cards, you’ll most likely drown yourself in debt again. Unless you plan to stop accumulating debt, consolidation is only a good idea, not the best.

There may be easy access to banks that offer consolidation loans with lower interest rates but remember that in the long run, you’ll be paying more. You can’t keep on using debt to pay debt.


Check your budget and your expenses. See where you can cutback and what expenses you can avoid. All the money you save from doing this should be put into paying your debts.

Also, stop accumulating debt. Stop using the cards and if possible, cut them off.

Decide on what approach best suits you. Choose one that will be easier for you to follow through. Just focus on the goal: financial freedom.