What does the Friend Zone mean to a Girl?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to talk about getting the girl the right way. Again, I am not an expert on this but I am a woman so please take all of this with a grain of salt.

One of the things that guys really hate is being sent to the friend zone. What exactly does a girl think of the friendzone? In my case, this zone is only there because women are afraid to flat out reject a guy. So instead of saying no, she says maybe.

What do I mean?

When a guy is interested with a girl, he befriends her. He doesn’t consider if the girl likes him back. He immediately thinks that if he shows her good things, treat her well, and buys her stuff, she’ll see that he’s the man for her. However, girls don’t like to assume. So what happens is, the woman thinks that this is just how the guy normally treat women. That he is just a really great friend. So in this case, the best way to deal is to lay your intentions. Tell her that you like her and you’re doing this because you are hoping she’ll see you as more than a friend.

I know that “some” girls actually take advantage of men who treat them well, but this only happens when the guy doesn’t try to check first if the girl is into them. If a girl is busy dating more than one man, and you’re not okay with that, let go. You deserve someone who will only want to be with you. Someone who will be content with you. And women also deserve this, so unless you are sure that you want to date ONLY HER, don’t “court” her. I think it’s time people stop playing mind games and just dive into being in a relationship.

The only reason men have a hard time understanding women’s motive, is because they don’t take the time to observe. [Okay. Observe, not stalk. No creepiness please.] And guys, please don’t be afraid of rejection. If she says no, just know that you’ve dodged a bullet. You don’t want to be with a girl who doesn’t want you. And to lower the damage of being rejected, I think you must make it clear to a woman that you like her before doing all the nice things I mentioned above.

Have you heard of “courtship”? This is when you lay your intentions, and tell a woman that you want to be in a relationship with her. IMO, the only way not to be on the friendzone is to ask her first for permission if she’s down to date you. At least, if she rejects you, and calls you a “friend”, you haven’t invested much.

Dating and relationships are complicated, so everything might be different for you. But don’t lose hope. If you’re a good person, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect person for you, who will make you feel loved, the way you deserve to be loved.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me at the comments below or by sending me a message thru this contact form.

Thank you!




Blog Series Idea: How to Get the Girl

So I just came across a book about successfully getting the girl, and it was sexist and I can honestly say that it might have been written by a douche bag. Reading it made my blood boil. So I thought, if guys really need help, I’m willing to shed some light.

Of course, I’m not an expert. I don’t have a degree on women nor have I done research on it. But I am a woman and I have friends and family who are women. So I’m guessing I know at least something about how to pursue them. ūüėČ

I’ll probably make it a series so I will prepare an outline later tonight before I publish said topics. Just so I don’t have a messy discussion of articles.

I also encourage you to publish one or maybe comment on what you think. Girls are different and your opinion may help them guys get the girls properly. ‚ėļ

Til my next post,


The “2017 Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks” Challenge

Last year, I’ve tried the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge where you input how many books you want to finish in a year. However, I fell very short of the 100-book goal I imposed on myself. I’ve still joined this year and you can join the¬†Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge, just click here.

This year, I hope to finish at least 52 books as I have joined the 2017 Read-52-Books-in-52-Weeks Challenge. Quoting their post:

  • The challenge will run from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
  • Our book weeks will begin on Sunday
  • Participants may join at any time.
  • All books are acceptable except children books.**
  • All forms of books are acceptable including e-books, audio books, etc.
  • Re-reads are acceptable as long as they are read after January 1, 2017
  • Books may overlap other challenges.
  • Create an entry post linking to this blog.
  • Sign up with Mr. Linky in the “I’m participating post” in the sidebar
  • You don’t have a blog to participate. Post your weekly book in the comments section of each weekly post.
  • Mr. Linky will be added to the bottom of the weekly post for you to link to reviews of your reads.

If you wanna join, click here¬†and follow the instructions. Hopefully, I’ll accomplish this one. And since my phone broke, most of the titles I’ll read will be paperback (I usually read eBooks).

Are you participating in any reading challenges this year? Let’s read together. Share in the comments! ‚ô•

52 Week Blogging Challenge

Yes. This is another challenge I’ll be participating in along with the The ‚Äú2017 Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks‚ÄĚ Challenge. Since I have neglected this blog in the past year, I wanted to make sure I will post something, at least per week.

I discovered the Deadly Bloggers’ 52-week challenge¬†today and I wanted to do it.


Hopefully, joining a challenge like this will be able to help me with consistency.¬†ūüėÖ

I’ll post the first one before this week ends. Come and do this challenge with me!

Interview with a Gamer

Untitled design

The number of¬†guys getting into gaming is gradually increasing. Being in the Digital Age, it should have been expected. Even some girls are in it too. However, the rest of us just don’t understand what the hype is.¬†So I took the matter in my own hands and interviewed some gamers.

I asked some questions about their gaming lifestyle and outlooks. Hopefully, we’ll be able to grasp what¬†gaming is from their perspective. I’ll be posting¬†their interviews per week one at a time.


This week’s gamer would be: Lem, 26 years old and single.

Is there a particular reason why you play?

It is a form of stress relief and I enjoy good stories on video games.

What genre are you into?

Beat-em-up spectacle fighters, fighting games, indie games, and Monster Hunter-like cooperative games. I like them mostly because of how they are colorfully presented and the difficulty curve of these games are just perfect for my tastes.

If you can develop your own game, what platform are you going to use and what genre?

I will go with a metroidvania* with a fighting game style of controls and it should be played on a PC.

What game got you started in gaming and what is your game now?

Started playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo family computer and today I play mostly indie titles and high difficulty games.

What kind of games do you usually play?

Arcade game/Coin-op, Console game (PlayStation/Xbox, etc.), Handheld video game (i.e. Game Boy), Personal computer (PC) game

Do you think your gaming habits affect your relationship status? Does gaming help you in the dating scene?

It does not really affect it that much. Well, it could help if both parties are willing to play a game they would like and I think it could help to strengthen their bonds or maybe figure out some sort of personality trait that only gaming can bring out.

Cari’s Comment: This is a nice idea. Girls, we should try playing a game our guy likes (if you’re not already). It can be a¬†new means to bond with your guy PLUS¬†IT WON’T MAKE HIM BORED.

Do you think gaming have helped you in any way? What exactly do gamers like you get out of it?

Video games helped me in understanding the English language. I also learned how everything is not totally black and white and how some actions, how evil it may sound, may be the best solution on some problems and sometimes we must deal with it.

The thrill of exploring new worlds and how a story will turn out is always a great experience for gamers.

Cari’s Comment: Wow. That’s really deep for a game. What games have you been playing Lem? Haha! Understanding the English language¬†through gaming is very interesting. I think English teachers should take note of this. They can AND SHOULD START incorporate gaming to their lessons.

Does gaming affect the way you make decisions in life?

Not really. I do not let it affect the way I make my decisions in life.

Cari’s Comment: This is a very interesting answer. I had this notion that gamers tend to treat real life as if in a game.

What makes you a gamer?

I play a variety of games and I like games in general.

If you can only play one video game for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Binding of Isaac* is a great choice because every game will be different or any rouge-likes for that matter.

What’s the longest playing session you’ve ever put in? Do you ever go to bed and see game images playing in your head?

10 hours. I think it happens when you are exposed to a game for that long period of time.

Cari’s Comment: This happens to me¬†every time¬†I play a game¬†too much. I remember I used to see Mario jumping from a cloud to another whenever I close my eyes and try to sleep.

How do you feel about the assertion that violent video games cause behavioral problems in kids?

This is complete BS. I had grown up with video games and I turned out alright (I guess?). But I think those who act violently already had a tendency to be like that and video games does not contribute to any of that.

Cari’s Comment: IMO, parents should stop blaming their negligence to gaming. And I agree that those kids who turn out to be violent, already had that tendency.

What game would you recommend to get someone into gaming?

Something easily digestible like a platformer (Super Mario games) or something with a story and easy-to-understand battle mechanics (Final Fantasy or the JRPG* genre)

Provide a joke or pun that only a gamer would probably understand.

Praise the Sun.

Cari’s Comment: Obviously, I ain’t a gamer. I don’t get this. Haha!¬†Did anyone get this? Please comment below. Help me understand. Thanks!


*Metroidvania is a subgenre of the action-adventure video game genre which borrows heavily from the general gameplay concepts of the Metroid series and the Castlevania series (specifically from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and onward). The genre name is a portmanteau of the two series’ names. (Wikipedia)

*JRPG: Japanese role-playing games (Wikipedia)

*Binding of Isaac: Players control a crying child named Isaac or one of six other unlockable characters. (Wikipedia)