“All the Want in the World Cannot Fit in Our Hands”

Girl being hugged by an invisible being or a wall; girl in white
Grabbed from @dsegrove

There’s that word again.


I need you. I need you to need me.

How nauseating, to need another human being, as if their heart is in your throat.

Love isn’t about need.

Don’t romanticize the notion of desperation.

Let me let you in on a secret.

You don’t need me and I don’t need you.

We can get through life just fine without each other.

Love is not wanting to.

We want each other, we want skin and hands and all our daily scars.

We want intoxication and art museums and intertwined limbs.

We want ferocity in our lips and slow, small circles traced on our stomachs.

I don’t need you in my life, but goddamn I want you in it.

Credit: typewriterdaily



Blog 4/52 My January Favorites!

January is a month of beginnings and I’ve decided to begin a monthly favorites blog post. I’m going to write about all the things I loved this month or from the last month. 😃

Let’s start with…


Last month, I was completely head over heels with Soman Chainani’s children’s book trilogy, The School for Good and Evil. I know it’s a children’s book. But the story is great and it was a really compelling read. 😅

Books covers of The School for Good and Evil Trilogy

I joined the 52-week Book Reading Challenge so I am hoping I could share more books with you soon. 😀


I was obsessed with Ashley Tisdale’s acoustic version of Paramore’s Still Into You featuring her husband, Christopher French.

It’s just so relaxing and sweet and I’ve always been a fan of Ashley since she’s Maddie in the Suite Life. I AM SO GLAD THAT SHE HAS BEEN SO ACTIVE ON YOUTUBE LATELY. 😍😍😍

TV Shows

Last month, I was binge-watching several shows.

1. Gossip GirlI started watching GG episodes but I stopped after the Season 3’s “The Unblairable Lightness of Being” episode.

I have this weird habit of stopping when I’m doing anything that stresses me. And that current point in their story arc was stressing me so I am stopping for a while.
But I still love GG and I’ll be back when I’m ready to be stressed by Blair and Chuck. 😆

2. Good Witch: Season 1: . This is a movie-turned-tv-series from the Hallmark channel. It’s an awesome show. My observation with this show is that it’s very relaxed but also interesting. While watching it, I wasn’t very stressed because of the story line but I was still interested enough not to leave (which rarely happens to me.)

I actually watched all the movies first before proceeding to watch the TV series so that I have a rooted background. (And yes, that’s how obsessed I am 😝).

3. Sense8. This is a Netflix exclusive show about 8 people  who are connected with each other. It has very mature content though. What I like about this show is that it makes my brain work hard to understand what is happening.

4. Legend of the Blue Sea.
It’s a story of a mermaid falling in love with a human and glbs-780x436oing the distance to follow love. It’s like the Little Mermaid but with adults and modern technology and a murderer on the loose. It stars Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Jun Ji-hyun (My Love from the Star).
Need I say more?


Food and Drink

This is too embarrassing to admit but I am currently obsessing with Spam Black Pepper. It tastes better than the regular spam as it has a certain spiciness brought by the black pepper.

I love to serve it with white rice and eggs or hash browns  and eat it for breakfast.

Last December, I was obsessed with Starbucks’ Holiday Drink Peppermint Mocha. It was always a  must-have every Christmas season.

Thank you for reading my favorites for this month. See you! Toodles! ♥


Blog 3/52 Where do I spend my money?

(Week 3 of 52 Week Blogging Challenge)

When I was still a student, I spend most of my money on art supplies and stationeries. You won’t believe how many pens and actually stationery paper (plus matching envelopes) I have. I also have memo pads and notebooks that I don’t write on. I just buy them because they’re pretty.

When I started working (and eventually moving out), I lost almost all of my free time. So I spend my money on food and bills and rent. I basically became an adult. 😭😭😭

Right now, my money goes mostly to groceries, bills, rent and the occasional kitchen tools. 🤦 This is how I knew I was growing OLD. Because I’m starting to enjoy investing in products that’ll be used in the house. I’m only 23 years old but I’m in love in shopping at dollar stores and at the kitchen/home section of department stores.

Of course, I also spend some on beauty products. ♥

I just realized I should be buying more stuff for my hobbies. lol I guess it isn’t too late to start again.

Blog 2/52 I HATE THE HEAT.

(Week 2 of the 52 Week Blogging Challenge)
Disclaimer: Living in a very humid and hot country, please let me have a pass. 😁

If I had to choose between heat and cold, I’d choose cold. I actually thought this through. I think that it’s easier to get warm than to produce ice/coldness.

Have you ever felt that you’re sweating immediately after stepping out of the shower? That’s  how hot I always feel. And my boyfriend is someone who gets cold easily. 🙄 We’re like a Yin Yang. ☯️ Well, they say opposites attract right?

It’s a good thing the Holiday season brought some chill with it. ♥
How about you? Do you love or hate the heat?

Blog 1/52 People & Things I’m Inspired by…

Okay. So this is kinda late for week 1. My apologies (and excuses. 😁) Just joined the 52-week blogging challenge yesterday so…

Honestly, I’m rarely inspired these days. And even if I do get inspired, they cool off so fast I wasn’t even able to do anything about said inspiration. But let me try to remember some of the times I was inspired. I’m sorry if this post doesn’t seem inspiring. I’ll try to make it so.

Well, there was this one picture that inspired me to write a new story. Technically it was an image of a writing prompt. SRSLY I’m not sure if I’m writing this blog correctly. 🙄

Let’s see…
I like watching YouTubers, namely Ryan Higa, Megan Batoon, Judy Travis and Dominic Sandoval. Everytime I watch them, it makes me want to start my own YT channel.

I’ll just make up for this #$%^&*() post in another time.

The “2017 Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks” Challenge

Last year, I’ve tried the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge where you input how many books you want to finish in a year. However, I fell very short of the 100-book goal I imposed on myself. I’ve still joined this year and you can join the Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge, just click here.

This year, I hope to finish at least 52 books as I have joined the 2017 Read-52-Books-in-52-Weeks Challenge. Quoting their post:

  • The challenge will run from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
  • Our book weeks will begin on Sunday
  • Participants may join at any time.
  • All books are acceptable except children books.**
  • All forms of books are acceptable including e-books, audio books, etc.
  • Re-reads are acceptable as long as they are read after January 1, 2017
  • Books may overlap other challenges.
  • Create an entry post linking to this blog.
  • Sign up with Mr. Linky in the “I’m participating post” in the sidebar
  • You don’t have a blog to participate. Post your weekly book in the comments section of each weekly post.
  • Mr. Linky will be added to the bottom of the weekly post for you to link to reviews of your reads.

If you wanna join, click here and follow the instructions. Hopefully, I’ll accomplish this one. And since my phone broke, most of the titles I’ll read will be paperback (I usually read eBooks).

Are you participating in any reading challenges this year? Let’s read together. Share in the comments! ♥

52 Week Blogging Challenge

Yes. This is another challenge I’ll be participating in along with the The “2017 Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks” Challenge. Since I have neglected this blog in the past year, I wanted to make sure I will post something, at least per week.

I discovered the Deadly Bloggers’ 52-week challenge today and I wanted to do it.


Hopefully, joining a challenge like this will be able to help me with consistency. 😅

I’ll post the first one before this week ends. Come and do this challenge with me!

Snow White (Vampire Version) by Cristiana L.

snow white with bloody lips eating an apple

Grabbed from TeenInk (Cristiana L., Millwood, NY)

Comment: I just felt the need to share this short story as it is an amazing retelling of a classic tale. ♥

For those of you who are so terribly naive as to think that vampires are as docile and sweet as Edward Cullen, or as obvious and dramatic as Dracula, then you, like every other mortal are terribly mislead, for the real vampire stories, lie right underneath your nose.

Once upon a time, when the supernatural and mortal world still coincided, a recently pregnant queen sat sewing at her window of black ebony. As she watched the snowflakes fall swiftly, she pricked her finger with a needle, leaving three drops of blood to fall into the snow. As she marveled at the beauty of the red against the white she thought to herself, if only my child were as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood in this frame.

Now there’s an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”, which heeds any man with caution of their own desires. Now whether a passing fairy had overheard, or it was simply coincident is unknown, but the queen’s wish was fulfilled, and so the true story of Snow White begins.

A starving vampire passed the castle and spotted a familiar glint of red from the forest. Merely surviving on animals for the past month, he was eager to smell the blood of a woman. This vampire was not like those that you read of in books, his skin was pale with striking and hideous veins which ran through it, his presence, indescribably unnatural, unable to fathom a single emotion. He quickly approached the castle, eyeing the marvelous ruby drops and scent of life which lured him. When he saw the perfect, plump, prey which sat and sang to her newborn child, his mouth watered with hunger, but something far more valuable struck his attention. Now if you think vampires only feed on blood, then you are entirely mistaken, for vampires feed on something far more precious, souls. The feeding of souls, is, of course, how the process of vampire transformation occurs, hence the “living dead”, but for some unknown and unexplainable reason, there a only few victims which are eligible for such transformation. So when the vampire approached the queen, he decided the newborn child’s destiny.

With unimaginable strength, the vampire grabbed the queen and savagely ripped a shred of her neck off with his teeth. He then began to carefully, and calculatingly suck every last drop of blood he could gain until her body grew shriveled and grey, collapsing into dust. Silent, he grabbed the crying baby and stared deep into her blue eyes, placing his lips to hers, slowly absorbing her innocent, and un-tampered soul. The power which he gained was tremendous as he watched the baby’s skin grow pale. He placed her down in a nearby crib, no longer crying, and went off to kill every other mortal in the castle.

News spread quickly of the devastating vampire attack, and how the queen’s newborn daughter had been left unscathed, but a nearby queen, who was also a sorceress, extremely knowledgeable in the black arts of the vampire, knew this was not the truth, and when asked to adopt this young girl, agreed, in hopes of some how reversing or limiting her curse.

Though her mother was not alive to see it, the queen had a daughter who was white as snow, whose lips thirsted for and stained with blood, and whose heart was as black and cold as ebony.

The Sorceress took the baby in, naming her Snow White, but she knew there would be deep and dark consequences to her actions. As she watched Snow White grow, she began to feel impending doom. Carefully locking her in a room where she was fed animal blood, the Queen held Snow White as best she could. But each day, Snow White grew thirstier and thirstier, and she knew she had little time before she could contain Snow White any longer.

Desperate, the Sorceress remembered a gift she had received a long time ago, a magic mirror, which answered any question. The Queen looked into the magic mirror and asked,
“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
I am your queen, you’ll tell me all
I ask your help in time of need
It is Snow white, please tell, I plead.”

The mirror grew a dark black, and a resonating voice came up.
“Her hunger grows,
She must depart,
You cannot kill,
That with no heart”

Though the queen heard what the mirror had said, she refused to allow a vampire to escape into the world and sent her most trusted bounty hunter to try and kill Snow White, but when he arrived, Snow White was too desperate for blood, that he was no match. She escaped into the woods, where she found a cottage that seven dwarves resided in. Instead of drinking their blood till death, Snow White made them into her mindless and devoted slaves.

The Sorceress asked the mirror each day what she should do with Snow White, but the it had no answers, so the Queen spent months researching as much she could. Finally, she made a potion that would both attract and poison Snow White, but to give it to her, she’d have to risk her own life. Disguised as an old peasant woman selling apples—each which held the poison– she went to Snow Whites’ cottage. At the scent of the potion Snow White killed the Sorceress immediately and ate the apples, making her collapse onto the floor. The dwarves put her in a glass coffin, where the catatonically worshipped her.

Months later, a young prince saw the coffin from the forest and came, seeing the beautiful body of the vampire. He opened the coffin and pressed his lips against hers for a kiss, unknowingly allowing her to suck his soul and give her the strength to wake up.