Blog Series Idea: How to Get the Girl

So I just came across a book about successfully getting the girl, and it was sexist and I can honestly say that it might have been written by a douche bag. Reading it made my blood boil. So I thought, if guys really need help, I’m willing to shed some light.

Of course, I’m not an expert. I don’t have a degree on women nor have I done research on it. But I am a woman and I have friends and family who are women. So I’m guessing I know at least something about how to pursue them. 😉

I’ll probably make it a series so I will prepare an outline later tonight before I publish said topics. Just so I don’t have a messy discussion of articles.

I also encourage you to publish one or maybe comment on what you think. Girls are different and your opinion may help them guys get the girls properly. ☺

Til my next post,