How to Blog and Still Have Time for Life

“Blogging does not have to suck up your time. Your blog is a reflection of your life, and what blog will it be if you spend all your life wrestling with the words?”

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Live and Let Blog

Blogging is often the start of something new. The moment a blogger’s ideas are born into the Internet, a new adventure starts — both for the author and for those he reaches. But for most, blogging is not all fame and glamour. It is a painstaking art of distilling the big ideas into something the readers can understand. It is a long road of research, drafts, and revisions. It can be a very time-consuming process — and that takes away all the fun.

While blogging is a hobby for some, for others it is a chore. You’ll know this when you start spending too much time thinking up ideas and writing them down.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can simply list down your ideas in bullet form and have someone else complete it for you? Yes, you can do that — all you have to do is to find the right people to help you.

Blogging does not have to suck up your time. Your blog is a reflection of your life, and what blog will it be if you spend all your life wrestling with the words? There are services that can create quality and unique content for your blog so you are free to live your life as you want to.

Enjoy more time with your family and friends. Do the other things you love. Go out and experience the world — then come back and tell the world how it went. Your content providers will take care of converting your experience into something your readers will love.

If you ever dreamed of having your own secretary, this is it! Don’t be afraid to get the help you need for your blog — it might be the best investment you’ll ever do.

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How to Quit Your Job

I have been wanting to quit my job since last year, and I can’t seem to be able to do so. Not until I read, a post about “just quitting”. After reading that article, I did a little thinking. I prayed and I meditated on it.

And I finally made up my mind and just quit. After I did, there was a sense of relief as if a dagger sticking out my throat had been removed. The depression and anxiety didn’t go entirely but I can feel it lessened.

Today is my last day and I feel so good. I feel free. So how did I find the courage to quit?

1. Meditate on why you want to quit.

Know your reasons. Is quitting the only way to solve your problems? In my case, it’s like God had given me a way out as my partner decided to work and I’ll be the one to stay at home.

I was being bullied at work. Plus,  I am not a very social person. Quitting my job gave me the chance to do online jobs where I do not need to socialize a lot. Plus, I get the freedom to continue running our bakery business.

Whatever your reasons are, make sure you are headed to a better direction. You do not want to be impulsive. Plan it out.

2. Discuss your options with someone you trust.

I am so blessed to have my partner support me in this.

I was so afraid of quitting because I know I needed to eat. I needed to work so I can provide for myself. However, every time I think about quitting, I panic as I know I don’t have any savings as my safety net if I did. He helped me be kinder to myself as he knows I’m on the edge of burnout.

My point is, talk to someone you trust (better if it’s your parents or your partner) and discuss your feelings. Tell them why you want to quit and what you plan to do. What is stopping you from doing so. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you figure things out.

3. Decide when you want to do it.

Once you decide when to quit, trust me, you’ll feel the difference. After handing in my letter, some of the anxiety I have been feeling faded. Hope was bursting from me. I finally had a goal instead of endless days of going to the same old routine of a job.

Even though you aren’t going to quit soon, if you want to, set a date when you’ll finally do it. Set a date when your savings should be enough. Set a goal and make sure it’s achievable.

4. Just quit.

When your set time has come, print the letter, sign it and hand it over. Free yourself from your boring routine and start chasing your dream.

If you want to be a writer, everything you do must be leaning towards being a writer. Showcase your writing skills even if you are just sending an email to your client. If you want to be a chef, everything you do must be helping you become one. When you cook, practice doing what chefs do. Wear a toque if you like. Just make it happen.

I hope I was able to help you with my story. Feel free to share as well as like and follow! ♥

About depression.

Have you ever felt like you wanna pause everything and just breathe? Like you wanna pause time so you can finally relax from your job and just sleep in? I do.

However, it’s a feeling that I can’t shake. No matter how many rest days I take. I still feel tired of living and pretending to be okay.

I feel like the 24 hours isn’t enough for me to finish everything I need to. I feel tired physically and emotionally. I feel like everyone hates me or at least, dislikes me. I know it doesn’t matter as I will never please everyone, but the hollow pit is there. A dark void consuming all joy and happiness and hope.

I just wanna cry all day. People cry for release and relief, yet whenever I do it, I just feel more tired and more burdened.

I am not sure if this is depression, but I feel something is wrong. I am working on solving this personal problem. If you feel this too, ask for help. Not everyone will help you, some will dismiss your cry for help; some will advise you without any background knowledge about your issues; but keep on trying. I know there is hope. I haven’t found it, but I can feel it’s there, in a corner somewhere, waiting for me to pick it up.

Depression or not, you deserve to find happiness or at least create happiness.

Depression or not, you deserve to find happiness. Continue crying for help. Eventually, someone will reach out and help you.

With you,

How to Find Happiness

Have you ever felt like you are never good enough?  I feel that almost every single day. 😦

Whenever I browse through my feed, I keep on seeing a cover girl for a magazine, a celebrity showing off her #OOTD or her #Shoefie. And I can’t help but compare my life to theirs.

Sometimes I think social media isn’t really for easy communication but a valid medium to show off. I, too, try to post only good things. However, my boring life will never compare to Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s. Like ever. And I know that. I accept that. (Yeah. Okay. Maybe I haven’t accepted it.) It’s just that, I really get so sad that it won’t.

Like, “Why can’t I have a life like that? Buy all the things I want? Be pretty almost all the time?”

I guess this is the reason we can’t be happy. We keep on comparing ourselves to others. And we have got to stop. I know it might be hard, but acknowledging that the problem exists is a good start.

You are the perfect you. Why try to blend in when you are destined to shine?

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How about you? How are dealing/did you deal with the obsessive self-comparison? Please comment it below. It’ll be a great help to me and to others. Happiness starts within ourselves. ♥